In one more month the collector Delfines in Alarcón will be ready 


The replacement of the pipeline is 45% complete 

Mazatlan, Sin. -The reconstruction of the Delfines collector in Infonavit Alarcón has a 45% progress in the replacement of the pipe, reported the mayor Edgar González Zataráin, who added that the work could be completed in one more month, including the compaction and replacement of the concrete. 

The previous collector added, it was practically non-existent, it was made of cement, and it collapsed, which continually generated raw sewage spills and clogging. The new collector will come to improve the discharge of wastewater in this settlement and surrounding areas.  

The municipal president also mentioned that in this sector two different works are being carried out in parallel, the other is the replacement of the crockery in the rain channel and the rehabilitation of the pedestrian bridges over this water pipeline, which already has 50% of Advance. 

 González Zataráin announced that once the hydro sanitary works are completed, public lighting will be restored throughout the colony, placing some three thousand luminaries. 

 “Finishing this we are going to enter with all the lighting changes that are about three thousand lamps in the Alarcón area, it is a very large area because it has lamps in the walkways and there, we are going to put a 35 watts lamp that we have been putting in for walkers,” he said. 

The total investment in the Alarcón will be almost 20 million pesos; 12 million 500 thousand from the collector, four million from the lining of the channel and 2 million from the lamps. 

The works consist of the replacement of the 91-centimeter concrete Delfín collector to PVC and polypropylene pipe for sewerage, with an investment of 12 million 421 thousand 749 pesos, which goes on Avenida Delfín between Avenida Venados and Oscar Pérez Escobosa. 

240 linear meters of 30-inch diameter PVC sewer pipe will be introduced, 207 linear meters of 36-inch diameter polypropylene sewer pipe for a total of 447-line meters and 13 manholes will be built. In addition, the replacement of 1,343 square meters of pavement. 

   Source: El Sol de Mazatlan