Mérida: For the first time, since 1841 raises the flag of Yucatán 


  For the first time since 1841, the Yucatan flag flew again, now alongside the Mexican flag, after Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal led the raising of the Yucatecan flag, who stressed that it is a distinctive symbol of our state, which endorses the entity’s commitment to the Federal Pact and promotes the cultural heritage, history and identity of our people. 

Accompanied by the representatives of the Legislative Powers, Víctor Hugo Lozano Poveda, and the Judicial Powers, María Carolina Silvestre Canto Valdés, Vila Dosal presided over this civic ceremony, thus complying with the reform of Article 116 of the Political Constitution of the United States Mexicans related to the recognition of the distinctive symbols of the federative entities. 

According to historical records, the Yucatan flag was hoisted, officially and for the only occasion, on March 16, 1841 at the Mérida City Hall building. After that date, it was not officially used again until today when the governor carried out the hoisting again and with what it can now be seen in public events and buildings. 

On the monumental flagpole at the exit to Progreso, in front of Plaza Galerías, and with the touch of old Diana, executed by the War Band of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), Vila Dosal raised the Yucatecan flag, It shows that it measures 24.5 meters long by 14.5 meters wide, which was supported by around 20 elements of the state forces, in a fact that was witnessed by the representative of the Ministry of the Interior in the state, Andrés Peralta Rivera, the mayor of Mérida, Renán Barrera Concha and the head of the SSP, Luis Felipe Saidén Ojeda. 

The act was also attended by the State Attorney General, Juan Manuel León; the Captain of the Naval Health Service Dentist Surgeon, José Alberto Rivero Gaxiola, representing the 13th Naval Zone; the representative of the delegation of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) in Yucatan, Arlet Aguiar Irigoyen, as well as members of the legal and extended cabinet, federal and state deputies, magistrates, consuls, business leaders, university rectors and union leaders. 

   Source: La Jornada Maya