The overnight cruise would allow trips to Cosalá, says tour operator 


For Giancarlo Parolari, manager of the Playa Sol agency, the cruise overnight as part of a fixed plan established by the shipping companies could lead to the opening of new routes to the enchanting Pueblos Mágicos in southern Sinaloa. 

Currently, the offer of tour routes to rural areas is limited and is restricted to nearby destinations such as El Quelite, La Noria, Concordia and in some cases Copala, this due to the arrival times that each ship has, and that limit excursions to more distant places. 

     “In the operation with the cruise companies there is a very crucial issue that is the times of the ship docked in port. We have beautiful places in Sinaloa, such as Cosalá, even San Ignacio, which are marvelous destinations but would enter an overnight arrival.” 

Parolari pointed out that, taking advantage of the visit of cruise executives in November, tour operators and authorities can sell the idea of an overnight stay not on one line, but on several lines, and this would leave a greater economic benefit for the entire state. 

     “One of the reasons that we must take advantage of, now that the shipping executives come, is the overnight stay. Let them know that we have destinations to visit but that they can only be visited overnight, due to the times. ”he said. 

Currently, tourist service providers offer tours that cover not only the aforementioned rural area, but also itineraries within Mazatlán and its attractions, including visits to Isla de la Piedra and Isla Venados.   

  Source: Punto