American girl changes the ‘chicken nuggets’ for a pozole and goes viral: VIDEO 


A little girl around 4 years old has gone viral on social networks after she refused to eat chicken nuggets, since she prefers a plate of pozole, an iconic Mexican dish. 

Based on the controversy of Yahritza and the Essence of Her, an American group of regional Mexican music involved in a controversy for criticizing Mexican gastronomy, a father from Washington published that his daughter prefers to eat pozole than chicken nuggets.  

On TikTok, the father of the family announced that his daughter did not like American food, since she preferred spicy food and her pozole dish. 

The video shows where she looks when she is served a quesadilla and a tinga tostada, to which the little blonde girl is excited. 

Despite this, it is unknown if the little girl’s roots are Mexican, because the adults with whom she interacts, she is heard to speak Spanish. 

The minor seems so fascinated by Mexican gastronomy that she has received positive comments, declaring that the little one does know about food. 

Source: Por Esto