They create a piñata mocking ‘Yahritza y Su Esencia’ after despising Mexico 


Yahritza y Su Esencia is an American group that is characterized by singing music from the regional Mexican genre and that in recent months had generated a lot of fame and popularity for its collaboration with Grupo Frontera and for its viral hit ‘Frágil’. 

However, the three brothers with Mexican ancestry have been the focus of multiple criticisms and ridicule because during an interview conducted on their most recent visit to Mexico City they made a series of statements that were taken as contempt for our country. 

Since then, Yahritza y Su Esencia have been victims of massive cancellation and Internet users have launched various memes against them and have even been booed in their most recent live performances since most of their followers are Mexican and they felt offended by the criticism. From the group towards the culture and gastronomy of Mexico. 

By becoming so viral, Piñaterías Ramírez decided to dedicate their own piñata to the group, one for each member, however, these pieces have been criticized by many because they reproduce discriminatory stereotypes about the appearance of Mexican people. 

The piñatería is located in Tamaulipas and is famous because its creations are inspired by viral characters such as Featherweight, Wendy Guevara or Yeri Mua, however, the design of the Yahritza and Su Esencia piñatas have generated even more controversy. 

Source: Por Esto