5% of Mexico’s population belongs to the LGBTIQ+ community (INEGI)


On International LGBTIQ+ Pride Day, INEGI reported:

Five million people, representing 5.1% of the population, self-identified as part of the LGBTI+ community.

Of this segment, 92.4% identified with an LGB+ sexual orientation, and 18.2% identified with a T+ gender identity.

In demographic terms, of the population that identifies as LGBTI+, 2.1 million are men and 2.9 million are women.

The International LGBTI+ Pride Day aims to promote inclusion and equality, as well as reflect on the challenges faced by this community in its search for full rights and recognition.

It also seeks to make visible the different expressions of gender and the demands of this population.

Along with Mexico and the U.S., other countries around the world observe and celebrate Pride Month in June including Canada, Australia, Brazil, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Of all the Pride celebrations and events, one of the largest is, unsurprisingly, in New York City, the place where the LGBTQ movement began in 1969.

Source: INEGI

Morelos Daily Post