Chinese company Xinquan Mexico Automotive invests US$30 million to expand its plant in Aguascalientes


AGUASCALIENTES, MEXICO – The governor of the state, Tere Jiménez, inaugurated the new facilities of the Chinese company Xinquan Mexico Automotive, following a US$30 million expansion of its plant in Aguascalientes and the generation of 600 new jobs.

“We are the gateway for investments in Mexico thanks to the fact that we have maintained a climate of social peace, stability, and productivity,” the governor assured.

She stressed that Xinquan, and in general Chinese investment, will find in Aguascalientes the best talent in Mexico since this entity has competitive advantages and conditions that allow it to be at the height of the demand, quality, and excellence of any foreign investment.

“We are sure that there will be more investments, we are expanding our horizons in the world because we are a safe port for capital and companies with high technological innovation,” Tere Jimenez emphasized.

For his part, Robert Liu, president of Xinquan Mexico, thanked the support of the State Government to the company he represents and reiterated the confidence that this Chinese company maintains in Aguascalientes.

He said that after the start of operations in this entity in 2021, the plant showed very significant growth, which forced an increase in production lines to meet market demand.

In his speech, Tang Zhihua, global president of Xinquan, said that this company is dedicated to the manufacture of auto parts for luxury cars, and reported that two years after starting operations, its Aguascalientes plant annually produces 100,000 sets of door panels, 500,000 center console units and one million rear panels, with an annual sales value of US$150 million.

Source: Mexico Now

Aguascalientes Daily Post