Work And Live In Mexico: 10 Best Cities For Digital Nomads


Travelers looking to explore the world while continuing to work at their current job may want to consider remote work in Mexico as a digital nomad.

Mexico is becoming a hot destination for digital nomads for many reasons. Besides being more affordable than most cities in Canada or the United States, Mexico offers sunshine, warm weather, beautiful beaches, incredible food, and the chance to be surrounded by a like-minded ex-pat community.

Mexico’s current digital nomad visa gives people with the ability to work remotely a chance to move to Mexico for longer periods than a regular tourist visa allows. The current visa is valid for six months to four years. For travelers who are trying to plan their route as digital nomads, consider making these top cities in Mexico for digital nomads home for at least a month or two.

10 Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a vibrant resort town on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. With a handful of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico and a historic city center, Puerto Vallarta is full of charm and gringos, and it’s also among the best spots for digital nomads in Mexico.

It’s easy to navigate on foot, so digital nomads who base themselves in Centro or Zona Romantica will have no problem getting around without a car.

  • Best For: Food and Drinks ( taco spots in Puerto Vallarta are especially renowned)
  • Mexican State: Jalisco

9 Tulum

Tulum has long been known as an influencer’s haven with colorful signs, white sand beaches, and luxury resorts to take photographs in front of. But for digital nomads, there are other reasons why Tulum is worth visiting. It allows them to enjoy the benefits of a slower lifestyle, yoga classes on the beach, and making friends with similar interests while on a budget.

Rather than staying right on the beach, digital nomads can book accommodation in Tulum Centro. This allows them to eat local food for more affordable prices, and with a bicycle, they are just 20 minutes from the ocean.

  • Best For: Yoga and Holistic Lifestyle
  • Mexican State: Quintana Roo

8 Sayulita

Sayulita flew under the radar for a long time, but it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves among digital nomads. Travelers can head to the west of Mexico in Nayarit for a chance to have a beautiful work-life balance in this quiet surf town that’s quickly finding itself rated among the best destinations for digital nomads in Mexico.

Yoga classes, fresh seafood, and open-air accommodations are some of the highlights of staying here.

  • Best For: Laidback Lifestyle
  • Mexican State: Nayarit

7 Playa Del Carmen

Less expensive than Tulum, Playa del Carmen is a great option and one of the best places in Mexico for digital nomads wanting to stick to the country’s Caribbean coast. The town has a lively ex-pat community and boats beautiful beaches for relaxing after a long day at the computer.

Staying in El Centro or Playacar are good options for digital nomads and first-time visitors.

  • Best For: White Sand Beaches
  • Mexican State: Quintana Roo

6 Mérida

Mérida, which offers plenty to do, has frequently been named one of the safest cities in Mexico. With a low petty crime rate and plenty of affordable accommodation options, this vibrant city north of Tulum is just a 4.5-hour drive from the Cancun airport.

Stay in a beautiful Airbnb with a private pool, or book in at a hostel. Santa Ana, Zocalo, and Santiago are some of the best areas of the city to stay.

  • Best For: Safety
  • Mexican State: Yucatán

5 Oaxaca City

Oaxaca City (Oaxaca de Juárez) is the largest city in the state of Oaxaca and is a vibrant destination in Southern Mexico. Colorful city streets and budget-friendly prices are enough to attract digital nomads, but it’s the friendly people and the high-quality chocolate, mezcal, and mole that might convince them to stay a while.

Some of the best places to stay in Oaxaca are Centro, Santo Domingo, Reforma, and Barrio de Jalatlaco (the art district).

  • Best For: Budget Travel in Mexico
  • Mexican State: Oaxaca

4 Mexico City

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and is a huge international transit hub for travelers passing through Mexico between the United States to Central and South America.

For digital nomads that plan to be on the move frequently, Mexico City is a fantastic option for basing oneself close to a major airport that is well-connected. La Condesa and Roma are the best areas for digital nomads to live while working in Mexico City.

  • Best For: Connections to other international destinations
  • Mexican State: Mexico City

3 Guadalajara

Another charming city in the state of Jalisco, Guadalajara, is a fantastic destination for tequila and mariachi lovers alike. For digital nomads, Guadalajara is a culturally rich place to live short-term on a budget.

Staying in Colonia Americana is a great option; it’s a Bohemian neighborhood that is considered one of the safest in the city.

  • Best For: Culture and Music
  • Mexican State: Jalisco

2 Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is an up-and-coming destination for digital nomads in Mexico. Located in the state of Oaxaca in the south, Puerto Escondido is a coastal gem and is worth spending a few months in, especially if travelers are planning to visit Oaxaca City anyway. It’s a surfer’s paradise but also has a vibrant nightlife scene, so it’s a good place to meet people. Staying in a La Punta is a good option, but Rinconada is also a fantastic choice for long-term stays.

  • Best For: Surfing
  • Mexican State: Oaxaca

1 San Cristobal De Las Casas

Chiapas may be Mexico’s most underrated state, but it offers plenty to do. As such, it’s growing its reputation as one of the best destinations in Mexico for digital nomads.

With plenty of natural wonders to see and experience, travelers should give themselves a month or two in San Cristobal de las Casas to work abroad while exploring the region. Expats will want to base themselves in the Centro, El Cerillo, Guadalupe, San Ramon, or Barrio de los Mexicanos.

  • Best For: Indigenous Culture, Surrounding Natural Beauty
  • Mexican State: Chiapas

Source: The Travel