Taste Atlas described carnitas as a delicacy of the gods


The culinary guide assured that carnitas are a dish worth savoring for those who love Mexican cuisine.

Pork carnitas, a delicious dish that millions of Mexicans eat at every celebration, gathering, etc., was rated highly by the international culinary guide Atlas Taste.

Through a publication on social networks, the dish of Michoacán origin received 4.7 out of 5 stars, managing to be mentioned as a feast of the gods.

When the Taste Atlas assessment was made, the great contribution of Mexican gastronomy to the world was once again confirmed, this due to its mixture of flavors and ingredients that make carnitas a dish worth trying.

“Originating from the Mexican state of Michoacán, carnitas are a flavorful dish made with pork (usually front parts or pork shoulder) braised, roasted, or slow cooked in its own fat for a long time. The heat is then raised until the meat is crisp on the outside and can be shredded. Carnitas, which translates as small meats, are often served with tortillas, accompanied by salsas, beans, guacamole, lime, or fresh vegetables,” Taste Atlas said in its review.

Mexican Internet users celebrate in networks for the qualification.

When the almost perfect rating was announced by the culinary guide, thousands of Mexican users celebrated and felt proud of the dish.

However, there were some users who were annoyed with the publication of Taste Atlas, since in the video where it shows how to prepare the carnitas, the background song is one from Javier Solís in which he talks about Puerto Rico and not about Mexico.

However, despite the error of the international culinary guide, other netizens paid no attention to the clip and exalted with memes and comments that they were fans of carnitas made in Mexico.

It should be remembered that a week ago, the same portal recognized four Mexican soups by placing them in the Top 100 of the best soups in the world.

Tortilla Soup from Mexico City, Tarasco Soup from the state of Michoacán, Lima Soup from Yucatán, and lastly, Pozole, were the four best-ranked dishes on the list of the world’s 100 best soups. Taste Atlas.

The four soups were located within the 50 ranking, and the one that stood out the most, being among the best five, was Sopa de Lima, a traditional dish from the Yucatan peninsula, whose characteristic is that it is a spicy meal, accompanied by lime, chicken, tomato, peppers and other vegetables.

Source: Infobae