Regularization of chocolate cars: Which brands can already be set in order?


The deadline to regularize chocolate cars in Mexico was extended to June 30.

The owners of ‘chocolate cars’ will have the option of regularizing new brands as well. The deadline to do so is June 30 and the procedure is carried out in the modules of the Public Vehicular Registry (REPUVE) of each state.

The REPUVE program has the objective of regularizing the country’s vehicles that come from abroad.

The Government of Mexico announced that the money raised will be used to pave and improve the country’s highways.

As of this year, new brands were included to carry out this procedure for chocolate cars, REPUVE reported. They will be the Japanese brads that have automobiles in the United States, Mexico and Canada. These are:







It is important to say that, regardless of the brand, sports or luxury cars as well as armored vehicles are excluded.

REPUVE explains that it is necessary to know the serial number of the car since in this way it will be known which automotive companies join the process.

Numbers 1, 4 and 5 correspond to cars assembled in the United States while 2 are cars made in Canada and number 3 in Mexico.

How to regularize a ‘chocolate car’ in Mexico step by step

The process is carried out from the REPUVE website, it is necessary to have the following information on hand:


Vehicle Identification Number (NIV).

Postal Code.


Phone number.

The appointment to regularize the chocolate cars is made online and then it is necessary to attend one of the service modules with these documents in original and one copy:

Document proving ownership of the vehicle.

Printed image of the VIN.

Valid official identification.

Proof of address.

I manifest under oath to tell the truth.

Proof of payment of 2,500 pesos.

Printed proof of REPUVE appointment.

Source: El Financiero