Which are the cleanest beaches in Mexico to visit on Easter holidays


If you are planning your Easter vacation and you want to enjoy the best beaches in Mexico, you must make sure that they are clean and suitable for family fun.

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) and the National Network of Public Health Laboratories carry out studies every six months in 17 Mexican states that have beaches to determine which are the cleanest.

The list of the cleanest beaches in Mexico for Holy Week includes the following:

In Nayarit: El Novillero Beach, Platanitos Beach, Borrego Beach and San Francisco Beach.

In Quintana Roo: Puerto Morelos, Caletita Beach, Bonita Beach, Chankanaab Beach, Rastas Beach, Xcacel Beach and Dzul-Ha Beach.

In Veracruz: Isla Tajin Beach, San Antonio Beach, Azul Beach, Galindo Beach, Maracaibo Beach, Monte Gordo Beach, Tecolutla Beach and Casitas Beach.

In addition, other states in Mexico also have clean beaches to visit during Holy Week.

In Colima, some of the most outstanding beaches are La Audiencia, Santiago, Miramar, La Boquita, Salahua, Las Brisas, San Pedro, Juluapan, Cuyutlán, El Paraíso, Boca de Pascuales, El Real and Tecuanillo.

In Chiapas, Playa Linda, Escolleras, Boca del Cielo (estuary), Puerto Arista and Boca del Cielo (sea) stand out.

In Jalisco, the cleanest beaches include Yelapa, Quimixco, Las Ánimas, Mismaloya, Gemelas, Playa Los Muertos, Cuale, Oasis, Las Palmas, and Camarones.

Finally, in Michoacán, there are Nexpa Beach, Maruata, Bucerías Lighthouse, Las Brisas, San Juan de Alima, Pichilinguillo, Boca de Apiza, Jardín or Eréndira Beach, Azul Beach, Las Peñas, Chuquiapan, La Soledad and Caleta de Campos.

Remember that these beaches have been classified as the cleanest in Mexico, but it is always important to take precautions to avoid accidents or illnesses when enjoying them.

Source: Debate