How many tacos to order? On TikTok they reveal the secret for each one has meat

Mexican taquero making Tacos al Pastor in Mexico city

Have you ever wondered why some tacos serve you better than others? On TikTok, a kind taco man revealed the mystery

According to a video of the user “taquerosky” on TikTok, who is a taquero by profession, before ordering we must see the hands of the person serving.

This is because an average taco maker can only fit three tortillas in his hand, if more tacos are ordered, less meat will be added so that they fit well.

So, it is always advisable to order 3 tacos so that each one is very well served, with good meat and vegetables.

TikTok appreciates the secret behind how many tacos to order at the stalls

TikTok did nothing more than appreciate the valuable secret that “taquerosky” gave us about how many tacos to order so that everyone has meat.

Well, after revealing that an average taco maker can only fit 3 tacos in his hand, the mystery seems to have been solved for everyone.

Many comments to the video on TikTok point out that this information is worth millions.

Not only that, but some people are also already doing their math, because from now and on they will ask for their orders in threes until they reach those who eat normally.

Others, through tears, limited themselves to mentioning that “no one had cared so much about me.”

Comments on the secret of the tacos (Special)

It is worth making a clarification about the secret of the tacos finally revealed on TikTok, since it seems that it does not always apply.

This is since not all taco makers serve the orders in “a single exhibition”, to put it in some way.

Some put the tacos on the plate one at a time or two at a time; in other cases, you don’t see how they are served, especially if you are in a taco shop.

It seems that it only works in the street stalls, where they sell carnitas and suadero, which traditionally use the technique described by “taquerosky” to save time.

Source: SDP Noticias