This is the fine for putting a “Diablito” on the electricity meter in 2023


Putting a “diablito” on the electricity meter to reduce the high cost of the electrical service provided by CFE could be very expensive.

Some Mexicans choose to put some “diablito” on the electricity meter, so that their economy is not affected.

Electricity is essential for homes and industry in Mexico, but there are places where this basic service is not available or simply the rates can be very high, which is why some Mexicans choose to place a “diablito” on the meter, so that your economy is not affected. However, do you know what would happen if the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) discover this alteration?

What is a Diablito?

First, it is important to know what a ” Diablito ” is, since it is a small device that is used to alter the electricity meters in each property and register a much lower consumption than the real one, in this way the citizen pays less before the CFE.

The ” Diablito ” to the electricity meter is a device made of wood, cardboard, sheets or other materials that are placed inside the fuse box in order to alter the reading made by the meter on consumption. This bad practice will earn you a fine and other sanctions.

When a CFE technician or inspector detects the Diablito in the electricity meter, it is the duty of the employee to immediately cut off the electricity service and notify the authorities so that they can apply the corresponding fine.

What is the fine that CFE puts for putting a Diablito ‘ in 2023?

According to the provisions of the law, it is considered a crime to start, remove or move the CFE electricity meter. Article 254, section IX, of the Federal Penal Code, states:

To those who without right carry out any theft or alteration of equipment or facilities of the public electric power service

Furthermore, if you have help from a public servant, the consequences would be worse, especially for these workers.

The corresponding penalties for the crimes provided in this article will be increased by one half more for the worker or public servant who, due to his work, provides useful information on the facilities, equipment or operation of the industry, or can assist in the commission of the crimes of reference.

The user places a ” Diablito ” on the meter may be entitled to a fine of up to one thousand days of minimum wage. Let’s remember that this 2023 the minimum wage is 207.44 pesos, which means that the fine for putting a Diablito on the electricity meter would be approximately 207 thousand pesos.

Can they put me in jail for putting a Diablito ‘?

Article 368 of the Federal Penal Code establishes that when a user alters the equipment through which he receives the electricity supply or manipulates the company’s facilities, he may face between three and 10 years in prison.

 In 2019, the Federal Electricity Commission promoted a law in the Senate of the Republic that penalizes up to 20 years in prison for people who use the famous Diablitos or another type of structure to pay less on the bill.

How do I get them to put the electricity back on?

In the event that your electricity service has been suspended due to placing the “Diablito” on the meter, you can request reconnection at a branch and it will take time depending on the status of the user.

If the electricity line was paid off, a new contract will have to be made. This can take 2 to 3 days in urban areas and 5 days in rural areas.

If the electricity line was only suspended, a reconnection of the service will have to be carried out, which can take from 24 to 48 hours.

Source: ADN 40