Cosalá Pueblo Mágico is getting ready to celebrate its anniversary. How old is it?


In addition to the celebration for the years of its foundation, they will have the Carnival “Masquerade, the magic of yesteryear” and the Holy Week Fest.

Sinaloa.- In a period of less than 30 days, Cosalá Pueblo Mágico will have three great festivities, and one of these is the celebration for the 461 years of its foundation, to follow it with the Carnival “Masquerade, the magic of yesteryear ” and the Holy Week Fest, it was announced at a press conference.

Estrella Palacios Domínguez, Secretary of Tourism in the entity, and the mayoress of Cosalá, Carla Corrales Corrales, announced the dates of the activities and invited society in general to attend the scheduled events, which are totally familiar.

Cosalá Pueblo Mágico is ready to celebrate its anniversary01

From the 11th to the 13th of this month they begin with the festivities of their foundation, a fact that occurred on March 13, 1562. From March 17 to 19 they will celebrate the Carnival “Masquerade, the magic of yesteryear”, and from April 6 to 8 They will have the celebration of the Holy Week Fest, it was announced.

Palacios Domínguez said that the scheduled events are of great interest, since Cosalá, he added, is a Magical Town with a great tourist offer, always busy offering quality events and also for being professionalized, training.

In addition to going to this site to enjoy its natural beauties, where you will enjoy its rich gastronomy, as well as the treatment of its people that characterizes the Sinaloans; To this, he added, we must add the quality of the very professional service, “that’s why going to Cosalá is always a good idea.”

They have activities all year round, such as the one they carry out every Saturday with their alley, unique in its kind, which covers the history of the place through culture, with dances, music, singing, in addition to the programs that are being reported in this meeting, said the state official.

He commented that from the Sectur, by instructions of the state governor, Rubén Rocha Moya, they will always be supported in the tourist presentations that take place in Sinaloa, as is the case of Cosalá, with the purpose of strengthening the sector.

For her part, the mayoress of Cosalá, referring to the fact that they were the first Magical Town of Sinaloa, said that it has history, culture, flora, fauna, gastronomy, “everything a person can ask of us.

In addition to the traveler from the United States and Canada who goes to the place, they have international tourists from other places, as is the case of an Argentine family that stayed visiting the place.

“In days gone by we had a Spanish and a Colombian cyclist who travel the world on their bicycle, we have even had people from Poland. We are impressed to see that we are reaching distant countries that we did not expect, and the most important thing is that they are visiting us and “it is for a reason,” he said.

“They are tourists who are getting involved in the culture of our town, because they are going to the schools to give lectures about what they have experienced and to enjoy the wonders that our town has.”

The director of Tourism of Cosalá, José Manuel Cebreros, was also present at the conference, who spoke about the details of the three events in question.

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