U.S. proposes that its army fight 9 Mexican cartels


In a bill brought before the US Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee, Republicans are keeping up the pressure to get the US military to take action against Mexican drug cartels. They ask for the militarization of the border and for organized crime groups in Mexico to be declared terrorists.

According to a publication in the newspaper El Universal, the initiative would allow the US government to combat traffickers of fentanyl and a substance related to this drug to the United States on Mexican soil and any action that destabilizes “in the Western Hemisphere.”

This is Resolution 18 entitled “Resolution on the Authorization of the Use of Military Force to Combat, Attack, Resist, Target, Eliminate and Limit the Influence” (of drugs)”.

It determines that “those foreign nations, foreign organizations or foreign individuals affiliated with foreign organizations” who have violated the law and attempt or conspire to fentanyl traffic, as well as those who engage in “kinetic actions against personnel of federal, state security forces, , local, tribal, or territorial” of the United States “operating in its territory or abroad.”

Source: XEU Noticias