Las Labradas Invites to the winter solstice 2022


With the Cultural Festival of Rock Art “Volver a Verte” that will take place on Sunday, the 10 years of the place as an area of Archaeological Monuments will also be celebrated

To celebrate the 10 years of Las Labradas as an area of Archaeological Monuments and the beginning of the Winter Solstice, It is been announced the Cultural Festival of Rock Art “Volver a Verte” in Las Labradas, San Ignacio.

For the event, which will take place on Sunday, a program of activities was prepared including beach cleaning, a rock walk, painting workshops, conferences, talks, bellowing dance and healing, with free admission.

The archaeologist from the National Institute of Anthropology and History, Víctor Joel Santos Ramírez, explained that the festival is for people to enjoy their archaeological heritage in a different way than it is done on the equinoxes.

He stressed that it is the first to be held in the area, and that there is no other in the country that has these characteristics, since it is not only an academic event, but it is also cultural, inclusive.

“In 2012, it was in the month of November, when the decree of Las Labradas as an Archaeological Monuments Zone was carried out, we completed our first 10 years with this declaration that gives us a very different category from other archaeological sites, and I must tell you that an archaeological zone had not been decreed for 10 years, recently Cañadas de La Virgen, another new archaeological zone was decreed, but for 10 years it was the last one that had been decreed in the country”

Victor Santos said.

The Las Labradas archaeological zone is a site of rock carvings located on a beach in the south of the state of Sinaloa, with more than 700 figures engraved in basalt rocks where the sea, a unique environment and an ancient pre-Hispanic worldview converge.

In addition, highlighting the arrival of a new solar cycle for the planet, emphasizing that Sinaloa has a unique “magical” place of its kind, above all, because there are archaeological sites on the coast, but not directly on the beach. .

Reencounter with history

The undersecretary of Planning, Investment and Tourism Development, Moisés Ríos Pérez, pointed out that this event seeks, among other things, to achieve a reunion with the history of an archaeological site that is considered par excellence in Sinaloa.

“It is an event that they do in the framework of the winter solstice, a good day to carry it out because people like to go to these places, for the energy recharge they receive from the sun and we want it to be propitious to invite the public in general to attend so that they can enjoy it.”

Source: El sol de Mazatlan