10 famous Mexican restaurants with live music in New York City


If you’re in New York City and looking for Mexican restaurants with live music then look no further. Because you’re at the right place and we know exactly what you are looking for. After reading this article you will be able to choose the best Mexican restaurant with live music in New York City.

As Mexican food is known for its vibrant flavors, which are a combination of various spices and ingredients, such as chili peppers, beans, avocados, and corn. It is also a very social type of cuisine, with many dishes designed to be shared among friends & family, and when there is live background music with all of this then it’s a next-level enjoyment and quality time spent for sure.

Here are the 10 famous Mexican restaurants with live music:

1) El Farolito: This restaurant has been around since 1936 and is known for its traditional Mexican cuisine. Their menu includes items such as fajitas, quesadillas, tacos, and more. The restaurant has live music every Tuesday at 7 pm.

2) La Contenta: At this restaurant, they have the best Mexican chef at their restaurants who bring brings years of skill, experience, and ambition to the kitchen of La Contenta. They have special GUACAMOLE TRADICIONAL, LA CONTENTA NACHOS, GRILLED QUESADILLA, TORTA AHOGADA, and so many special dishes on their menu and they have the best background live music to make your moments remarkable.

3) Jack Baileys: This restaurant has been serving its customers since 2020. The bar is family owned and operated by a family that has been part of the Marine Park Community for 25 years. They are a neighborhood bar, with a friendly staff. Jack Baileys is a great place to come watch any game or enjoy our large party room with live music and the best Mexican food.

4) La Concepcion: If you’re looking for something different than traditional Mexican food, this restaurant serves dishes from all over Mexico including seafood dishes from Chiapas! Their menu includes items like tamales with shrimp or lobster sauce.

5) El Norteño: This restaurant features traditional Mexican dishes such as tacos and enchiladas. They have live music every Thursday at 8 pm.

6) Hermana NYC: In the East Village, there is a brand-new concept restaurant called Hermana NYC. They are a tequila bar with a comprehensive tequila menu, live jazz every night, and fresh, genuine Mexican food and beyond cooked by chef Andrés Dominguez (Rosa Mexicano, Rocking Horse Cafe).

7) La Belvedere: At this restaurant, they create a fun, casual, and comfortable experience for the neighborhood to enjoy good food, amazing drinks, and the best local and sports entertainment.

8) Latin Social: This place is known for its delicious Mexican food and good music. They have a great selection of tequila and mezcal as well as other cocktails on tap (and in bottles!).

9) Café Habana: Café Habana, a Cuban-Mexican neighborhood cafe and bar with locations in downtown New York City and elsewhere, was established in 1998. It is well known for its grilled corn, Cuban sandwiches, cócteles, and other reasonably priced fares.

10) Rosa Mexicano: If you want to try classics and refined meals then Rosa Mexicano is the best choice that you will not regret as it offers both meals with a beautiful and elegant setting. Rosa Mexicano was created with a singular goal in mind.

Final Verdicts:

After reading out this article you might have selected a day out at any good Mexican restaurant from the above list as all of them have something unique to offer you.

But if you couldn’t select any restaurant by now then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Click here to check out the other plenty of great places to go in New York City that offer live music from some of Mexico’s most famous artists.

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