The magical town hidden between the river and the sea, ideal for escaping the end of the year


Its center is considered a World Heritage Site, there you can take a boat ride, explore it on foot without haste and walk along the boardwalk to watch the sunset

Between the river, the sea and the mountains stretches this magical town that was the birthplace of Agustín Lara, one of the most important composers in Mexico. The town known as “the pearl of Papaloapan”  is distinguished by its cobbled streets and its colorful buildings framed by plazas and gardens full of palm trees, ceiba trees and hundred-year-old laurels, as well as by the romantic atmosphere that surrounds it.

This beautiful coastal town is considered a World Heritage Site and in it you can see various colonial buildings, considered as historical treasures as well as an ancestral culture and traditions that are palpable in its music at its festivals and in its gastronomy Due to its tranquility, it is ideal to get away for the weekend and discover its attractions slowly and on foot.

What is the cult Magical Town between the sea, the river and the mountains

Of infinite beauty due to its landscapes, its houses and temples full of color, this Magical Town is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful in Veracruz. It is Tlacotalpan, whose name means “the land of the jarillas”, it is located on the banks of the Papaloapan river and preserves its identity of Totonac origin. There, tranquility is breathed and travelers are welcomed with its tropical climate and its mansions with red tile roofs and their warm colors that are a symbol of the vernacular tradition of the Caribbean.

Upon arrival, it is impossible not to feel captivated by the beauty of its postcards, it also has a privileged climate that allows you to discover the town without haste and take long walks along the boardwalk to admire the sunset. As it is close to the coast, you should wear a swimsuit and light clothing as well as a cap or hat, although at this time of year, the temperature is cooler, so you should bring a light sweater for the night.

Tlacotalpan. Photo: Special

In Tlacotalpan you can enjoy their dishes made from shellfish and fish, such as crab empanadas, fish broth or sea bass stuffed with shellfish, enchipotlado fish, regional dishes of ancestral tradition such as tismiche pancakes or casserole tamales as well as acociles and acamayas, among other delicacies. One of the typical dishes is arroz a la tumbada, a type of paella made with shrimp, octopus, crab and clams.

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