Have you tried the “Chorizombie”?


Toluca has a colorful and delicious variety of dishes, but during the festivities of the Days of the Dead, some gastronomic delicacies are usually prepared across Mexico, that range from the traditional to the exotic.

But the “Chorizombie” is not just another type of sausage, it is indeed an original creation of Chorizos DM Toluca, who for the third consecutive year sells it during the month of October and the first week of November.

This unique specialty is based on a sauce of several dried chilies with a special seasoning.

José Manuel Espinosa, one of the three partners in that business, explained:

“We wanted to give customers new recipes that were a little bit crazy, but with a flavor that could cause an impact.”

“The sausage is dark in color, totally appropriate for the celebrations in honor of the deceased that usually take place in our country, on October 31, November 1, and 2”.

He pointed out that because it is a seasonal sausage, it is one of the most anticipated specialties by its customers.

“Of the specialties, it is the only one that lasts a month and a week for sale, the rest of the products are available all-year-round”.

“The recipe is kept secret, so as not to reveal the ingredients and so that people can acquire it, try it, consume it and savor it”.

José Manuel Espinosa said that the weekly production of this type of sausage is 250 kilograms, while that of the traditional red sausage is 400 kilograms.

“It is one of the sausages with the greatest demand, of the five fixed flavors we give one more, in this way, there are six and customers have more options to choose from.”

“We do not ship their product abroad, but they have clients who have come to the city and taken their products to countries such as France, Italy, and Germany.”

“Our products have crossed borders, we know they have reached Paris, France, and other places in Europe,” José Manuel Espinosa concluded.

Source: OEM

Mexico Daily Post