Mexican Army considers Feminist groups and the Jalisco Cartel at the same threat level


It’s been a week of the Guacamaya Leaks and a sewer was uncovered that left us with a square eye, because this mega leak of information belonging to the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA), and in which the Mexican government is involved, has let us know things that border between the impressive and the absurd.

We say this not only because of the issue of Adán Augusto —today Secretary of the Interior—  and his alleged links with the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) , or the fact that SEDENA itself wanted to enter the airline market

According to one of the documents found among the emails leaked by the group of hacktivists “Guacamaya” and published by the newspaper El Universal, in 2020 25 groups were identified that could affect security at AIFA (Felipe Angeles International Airport).

On this occasion, we comment on it because, in a new revelation of the 6 Terabytes that make up the Guacamaya Leaks, we see that SEDENA considers that the feminist collectives, the original peoples in defense of the land, and the CJNG have the same level of risk for them. WTF?!

Through information published by El Universal, in 2020 SEDENA began to identify the groups that could be a risk for the highly commented Felipe Ángeles International Airport, which it listed and classified according to their risk number in a scale from 5 to 12.


And for them, feminists are equal to or more dangerous than the CJNG itself

In the list in question, we can see that for the Mexican army the greatest threat of all is the Al Qaeda terrorist group, something that for many could make sense considering the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, in the United States.

However, from then on the classification of the groups begins to get a bit strange, since we see that for SEDENA both feminists and indigenous peoples in defense of the land and students of the Normal School of Ayotzinapa (NORMALISTAS) are equal or more dangerous than the CJNG criminal group.

Guacamaya Leaks: Feminists and the CJNG have the same level of threat to SEDENA

Relatives of children with cancer also have the same level of danger as the La Unión Tepito cartel

Hope that’s not all. The Tepito Union Cartel also appears on the list and, according to the army, is just as dangerous as mothers who use daycare centers or relatives of children with cancer. This is apparently due to the risks that they could represent for the new airport (again WTF?!).

Several of these groups are the ones that usually protest against government omissions, which we have seen range from the lack of justice in femicides to the supply of medicines for children suffering from some type of cancer.

Guacamaya Leaks: Feminists and the CJNG have the same level of threat to SEDENA
Photo: Macaw Leaks

The SEDENA report simply leaves us speechless

Apparently, these types of people, who have come to block the roads to the Mexico City International Airport as long as the authorities pay attention to them, are just as dangerous as criminal groups dedicated to drug trafficking. Well, this according to SEDENA.

The information you have just seen, according to the newspaper, was part of a risk assessment that the army carried out in 2020 to determine the threats to civil aviation security that could exist at said airport. The same ones that leave us with more questions than answers…

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