AMLO’s family has traveled accompanied by soldiers


#SedenaLeaks documents detail trips made to Europe, Japan, and the US; On a flight to Houston, five support soldiers were commissioned and on a European tour another six, as was the custom before with the Presidential General Staff, supposedly already disappeared.

Among the files hacked from Sedena by the Guacamaya collective, there are travel documents from relatives of President López Obrador to Houston, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Poland, and Japan, accompanied by military personnel.

One of the trips reported in confidential military reports was made in the second half of January 2020 to Houston, Texas, where in those days the eldest son of President López Obrador lived in the so-called “Grey House” .

In a series of official documents and files prepared by military personnel, it is stated that the wife of President López Obrador and one of his sons traveled to Houston on January 18, 2020 “in order to carry out private activities”, for which they were commissioned. five soldiers.

When that trip was made, José Ramón had moved to “La Casa Gris” four months ago, which at that time was owned by a senior executive of the oil services company Baker Hughes, who in the current six-year term has accumulated billions of pesos in contracts at Pemex.

In the report of “La Casa Gris” published at the end of January 2022 by Mexicans against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI) and Latinus, it was found that José Ramón López Beltrán and his partner had lived in that residence between September 2019 and July of 2020.

The #SedenaLeaks documents mention that to accompany the President’s wife and son on their trip to Houston, five soldiers were commissioned: Lieutenant Colonel Marco Antonio Palomares Sánchez, First Infantry Captain Aldo César González Bobadilla and the Second Lieutenant Nancy Aglae Jiménez Serrano, in assistant work; Infantry Major Carlos Tiburcio Zárate Priss, as an escort, and Major Tania Carolina García Martínez, in support of the medical service. They all flew on a commercial airline.

The security protocol followed for the president’s family is similar to that followed in previous six-year terms by the Presidential General Staff, which according to López Obrador has already disappeared, although there is evidence that it is actually only in recess, as documented by MCCI in a report in December. of 2021.

In fact, who made the arrangements for military support on the trip to Houston was the Infantry Lieutenant Colonel of the General Staff, Marco Antonio Palomares.

Subsequently, on November 21, 2020, it was ordered to commission three other soldiers to accompany the president’s wife and son on a second trip to Houston, also “in order to carry out private activities,” according to the reports. hacked documents.

However, in the end, the military support was canceled. The president’s wife suspended her trip, although two of the president’s sons did fly on a commercial flight to Houston on that occasion, according to military reports.

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Trip to Europe and Japan

On September 8, 2020, a request was sent to the private secretary of the head of the Sedena to commission six soldiers in support of the president’s wife, who the following month would travel to France, Italy, Germany, and Poland, “in order to carry out official and private activities.

Four of the soldiers assigned to that trip performed assistantship tasks, one as an escort and one more in medical service.

The Presidency had reported that Beatriz Gutiérrez Müller’s trip was on behalf of President López Obrador, to negotiate with European leaders the restitution to Mexico of objects of historical value, including pre-Hispanic codices.

The official report was that the trip was to France, Italy and Austria, but the hacked military reports mention that they would extend the itinerary to Poland and Germany. However, the logbook or tickets for that tour were not attached to the military report.

Through requests for information, the National Anti-Corruption Organization obtained documents in March 2021 that revealed that the cost of Gutiérrez Müller’s trip to Europe amounted to 364,000 pesos, although it was not known that he had traveled with a military entourage.

A year before that tour of Europe, in October 2019, Sedena reported the trip to Japan of the president’s wife and son, accompanied by four soldiers for the assistant and protection service.

That trip to Japan was to represent the president of Mexico at Naruhito’s enthronement ceremony as Emperor of Japan.

On July 16, 2022, Sedena prepared a confidential report in which it is mentioned that a son of the president flew to London on the Aeroméxico airline that day in the company of the son of the Mexican ambassador to the United Kingdom.

The return was scheduled for August 7 of the same year, and according to the military report, during the three weeks of the president’s son’s stay in the United Kingdom, he was “under the tutelage of teacher Josefa González Blanco Ortiz Mena, ambassador of Mexico in said nation”.

*Text published with the permission of Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity

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