New real estate macro trends emerge in Yucatan


Grupo GEA shares the macro trends that have allowed it to quickly position itself in the Yucatan real estate market.

In Mexico, Yucatan is one of the main places to live for its safety, culture, tourist attractions, and quality of life. In addition, public and private investment in the industrial sector has shown an exponential increase since 2018, encouraging trade, services, housing, and tourism. According to the Mexican Institute of Competitiveness (IMCO), Mérida is the most competitive city in the entire southeast and the fifth in the country.

Hence, the entity has become one of the main markets for the real estate sector. Its geographical location is exceptional, providing an attractive balance between the city and the beach. For this reason, today, the peninsular entity is part of the Top 15 of the states that concentrate more than 80% of the country’s real estate offer.

The real estate boom in Yucatan has caused everyone to want to be part of this opportunity and, today, developments of all kinds proliferate, from corporate, land, residential, commercial and industrial. Therefore, to differentiate itself in the market, Grupo GEA has chosen to promote new business models.

Macrotrends stand out in Yucatan

For Grupo GEA, one of the main macro trends is the development of vacation residential projects, offering investors options to choose from, such as being 100% owners of a piece of land or participating in a Fractional Ownership scheme.

The vacation home model allows business schemes dedicated to seasonal rentals or under some digital platform.

The vacation residences of Grupo GEA, both in the beach area and in the city, integrate recreational areas such as Casa Club in the private ones. But, in addition, there is a catalog of complementary luxury amenities for entertainment tailored to all kinds of tastes and needs. Thus, investors can enjoy from a beach club to perform water activities, have a business meeting with a view of the sea, or have space for parties or family gatherings, as well as have a space to spend a weekend in total. privacy and relaxation.

The projects whose spaces and urbanization have a concept that balances natural environments with a modern lifestyle, is a fundamental part for Grupo GEA, by combining architecture with nature, an atmosphere capable of providing a better life is achieved, especially in a society where life is accelerated.

In this offer, the amenities take on greater relevance, since these must always respond to the needs of the lifestyle of its inhabitants, but also serve as points of coexistence, de-stress and personal time. Having amenities provides multiple qualitative and quantitative benefits for investors, in addition to serving a planned and versatile growth.

The next macro trend is the Fractional Ownership scheme in which a property is shared, which normally represents a larger investment and which is usually used for a few days a year. This model allows for a balance between the time a vacation property is used with the cost and responsibility of maintaining it.

Fractional Properties are first-level projects. They are generally units equipped and finished to a high standard. In addition, with the additional services, the satisfaction of the investors is guaranteed.

This model can evolve other attractive business schemes for investors, such as timeshare memberships, among others.

Grupo GEA has focused on the development, creation and commercialization of real estate businesses, encompassing the entire value chain. It has managed to quickly position itself by working in the area with the highest added value in the state (Conkal, Chicxulub and Telchac) and thanks to its attention to detail throughout the entire development process of each project, from land acquisition, marketing, financing, urbanization, until turning it into a project sold in its entirety. Thanks to this, Grupo GEA has been recognized as the best developer in the Southeast for two consecutive years.

For Grupo GEA, the momentum of the real estate sector is found in Yucatan, where, thanks to macro trends, it has managed to position itself forcefully in a market, pioneering new business models that are arousing the interest of all types of investments.

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