Video: Protesters blocking avenue in Merida Yucatan run over


MÉRIDA, Yucatan.-This evening, residents of the Paseo de las Fuentes subdivision demonstrated by closing Jacinto Canek Avenue, at the Superior Court of Justice, because they are upset because a public space in their subdivision was allegedly sold to private individuals. .

Dissatisfied with the alleged sale of a green space that was public property, the neighbors protested with banners asking the municipal authorities to restore the space.

Eight people were run over by a motorist, who after arguing with the demonstrators who did not let him pass by standing in front of the car, the madman rammed them with a vehicle that even had a trailer. The balance was eight people injured, however, none of them required to be transferred to a hospital.

Unfortunately, while they were protesting, a motorist did not respect the road closure and hit a person who was participating in the sit-in, whom he ran over.

The affected only suffered minor bruises, although the event could lead to tragedy, so the same neighbors ask that justice be done for this fact as well.

Among the protesters, the version spread that the vehicle had been sent by the mayor of Mérida himself to violate the protest, because the protesters accuse Renán Barrera of having sold the walkway and the green areas to a group of businessmen for the construction of a shopping plaza, where he is apparently a partner.

So far the Municipal Police is redirecting traffic in the area.

Minutes later, the compact car was located by the cameras of the C5. The driver of the car had alcoholic breath, for which he remained at the disposal of the authority.

The Yucatan Post