Love vs Hookup: What Do People in Mexico Look For?


Mexicans are famous for being hardworking people who cherish family, marriage, and faith more than anything. With those things in mind, it’s safe to conclude that they’re extremely traditional. When dating, most women (and men) prefer to wait until marriage before engaging intimately. The woman’s father has the lead role in the family, and he’s the one who approves or denies relationships or marriages. Men are expected to be well-mannered, polite, and willing to do anything for their love. Everything worldwide changes rapidly, and the traditional outlook on life changes also. With online technologies and sites, people are more connected than ever. It’s easier to expand your mind and learn about different cultures. Mexicans are experiencing the same thing. Before, relationships were started only to end in marriage. But today, their priorities are changing.

Read on and learn what Mexicans prefer – true love or flings. Also, we’ll list some of the best places in Mexico to have fun and find love.

Online Dating Is Gaining Popularity in Mexico

As we mentioned above, the online world is changing how people perceive love and relationships. In Mexico, people are traditional and don’t date to have fun. They are dating to get married. Nowadays, with the appearance of dating sites, Mexicans are broadening their reasons for dating. Those who want to hook up can find partners online. Of course, the same goes for those who wish to live happily ever after with a significant other. Whatever the reasons may be, Mexicans are experiencing a dating renaissance.

The beauty of online dating lies in the ability to choose whether a person wants to date locally or abroad. Those who decide to find someone nearby usually join a one-night stand local platform with an accurate geolocation feature. They get the results quickly because online dating in Mexico is becoming more popular, and the platform offers matchmaking games and video chat. All of those benefits reduce the time required to find matches. Also, they enable Mexicans to spend more time hooking up than swiping left and right.

Are Mexican People Open to Casual Dating?

Mexican culture is traditional, and the same goes for their dating culture. Being very religious, Mexicans have three main things in their lives: religion, family, and marriage. When searching for a partner, they are usually looking for marriage material. After finding one, the woman’s father has to approve of her choice and bless their marriage.

With internet access and the ability to travel around more easily, Mexican people are discovering that you can have fun and casual dates. No strings attached. A growing number of casual dating sites for Mexicans indicates that they are opening up to that type of relationship.


This authentic Mexican city is known as The Wine Capital of Mexico, and it’s a place to visit with your partner. Most Mexicans love their wine, so you can’t go wrong with this destination. If your partner doesn’t drink wine, they can enjoy various outdoor activities Ensenada offers. Make sure to visit Plaza Civica, the city’s main square, where you can enjoy ocean views and browse the stalls for souvenirs.

Cabo San Lucas

This resort town is a place to be if you’re seeking a fling. Here you can enjoy the tropical climate and walk on the golden sand of El Medano Beach. You can meet your potential date in one of the numerous museums and galleries. Whales are another attraction worth seeing. Cabo San Lucas is a popular base for whale watching in Mexico, so use that and take your date to observe giant mammals that rule the seas.

Puerto Vallarta

This place boomed since the late 1960s, but it maintained a crystal clear sea and untouched tropical scenery of Banderas Bay. Puerto Vallarta is famous for its promenade, Malecon Boardwalk, which goes for eleven blocks. You can take a romantic walk with your loved one and talk while enjoying the sea view. You won’t be hungry in Puerto Vallarta because of the numerous food stands and restaurants. You can even have some Jalapeños that would show you that women aren’t the only hot thing in Mexico.

Sierra Madre

This area is perfect if you’re tired of the Mexican coastline. The mountains reach 3000 feet and are covered with green trees. The main activity in the Sierra Madre is hiking, a great option to raise your adrenaline. This is an activity you can easily do with your partner, or you can go solo and meet hot Mexicans in the wild. After the hike, people go to freshen up in a stream or a waterfall. Can you imagine a more romantic spot?

Mazatlán, the old part of the town

This restored town is filled with restaurants, galleries, and museums you and your partner can enjoy. If you end up in Mazatlan, visit the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. This cathedral dates back to the 1800s and represents the Baroque era. You can explore the surroundings with pneumonia, an open taxi with a canopy on top. That’s a unique way to experience the past, present, and maybe even (your) future life in this small town.

Mexicans are just like the rest of us. Some are looking for a short fling, and some are looking for their fairytale end. Still, dating sites and traveling around Mexico can give them what they’ve been searching for. Maybe this article will inspire them to reach out and grab what they want.

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