Jalapeños originally from Xalapa Veracruz contain all the flavors of Mexico


This hot pepper is an integral part of Mexican cuisine, both for its tasty heat and its extraordinary flavor, both fresh and dried.

Originally grown in the Mexican region of Xalapa, within Veracruz, the place from which they obtained their name, jalapeño peppers are consumed throughout Latin America, although it is true that they are directly associated with the cuisine of Mexico, where it is one of the most cultivated and consumed products. We can find numerous recipes that incorporate jalapeños, in their different stages of maturation, devoting a large part of the production to drying.

And it is that once it goes through the dryers, the jalapeño becomes the chipotle pepper, which, in this way, can be preserved for much longer and is used in different ways to cook. Despite its fame as a very hot pepper, in reality, it remains within the average, although there are varieties that can be more intense, depending on the type of crop. In any case, it is best to remove the seeds before preparing a jalapeño.

Jalapeños are consumed green, both fresh and preserved in oil or vinegar, and in addition to accompanying stews and typical dishes, such as tacos, tortilla chips, burritos or quesadillasit is very common to find them stuffed (they are typical with cheese) and then fried. Here we can make them as is, or with some kind of fine batter. It is not uncommon to find them even covered in bacon.

As for the chipotle chili, the dried and seasoned jalapeño has a strong smoky flavor and greater intensity than the fresh one. If they are freshly made, they are served marinated, which adds more complexity to their flavor. It is a basic component to make mole and other sauces with which to eat meat or fish.

Jalapeños have become the ideal pepper in Europe to provide the right dose of heat to a dish, since it is medium intensity, provides good flavor and is easy to obtain. That is why it is now normal to find it even on pizzas.

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