Mexico Is Becoming the New Capital for Digital Nomads


Remote working has revolutionized the job market over the last couple of years as more companies embrace the model. Its flexibility, resilience, and ability to provide companies with an unlimited pool of talent worldwide means this approach is here to stay.

Unsurprisingly, this ever-growing trend of remote workers has led to even more digital nomads — remote workers who move from location to location as they perform their jobs. Today, working from anywhere for digital nomads means traveling to their favorite countries while still employed.

For most North American digital nomads, this has been Mexico. For instance, Mexico City has ranked in the top 5 of the most reviewed locations by self-declared digital nomads looking for new cities to visit. From the country’s vibrant culture and warm weather to good internet connectivity and affordable living costs, this Latin American country has become a hub for remote workers. Let’s look at how Mexico has emerged as the ideal location for digital nomads from up North.

Favorable Terms for Digital Nomad Visa Application

In the digital nomad community, what is referred to as a digital nomad visa for Mexico is actually just a Temporary Resident Visa, which is very easy to acquire. This temporary resident visa in Mexico is ideal for remote working professionals in Mexico because:

     On approval, it allows you to live in Mexico for up to a year, with the option of renewing it for up to 4 years.

     After holding the temporary residency permit for 4 years you become eligible for permanent residency.

     Your personal and household belongings imports will be exempted from taxation.

     You can acquire a Mexican driver’s license.     You can use your foreign car in Mexico without changing its license plates.

     You can access healthcare services by registering through the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS).

To qualify for the application for Mexico’s digital nomad visa, you only need to meet two requirements which are:

  1. Have a valid passport for at least the next 6 months post your application. Meet one of the required financial requirements for temporary residents in Mexico. The options for financial requirements to meet are: You earned approximately USD 4,394.00 net per month for the past 6 months. You have a bank balance of approximately USD 73,235.29 net for the past 12 months or, You own property in Mexico valued at approximately USD 457,500.

It is important to note that should you plan to be a digital nomad in Mexico with a partner or child who is directly dependent on you financially; you must prove you can meet an additional financial requirement of approximately USD 1464.70 per dependent per month. The application process for a Mexican digital nomad visa is quite straightforward, starting with setting a visa appointment at a Mexican embassy or consulate closest to you, paying the required USD 53.00 visa fee, and showing up for your appointment with all requested documentation.

Cheap internet providers and co-working spaces

Every digital nomad knows nothing compares to reserved and chic co-working spaces with minimal distractions. Places like Mazatlan and Mexico City have pleasant co-working spaces with stable internet, making them ideal for digital nomads. With plenty of bandwidth, you can also discover the charms of inland and coastal cities. For instance, internet download speeds in Mexico City average about 77 Mbps, which is pretty good. Better yet, the internet is often free in many public spaces, making it easy to access socials, or even play video games and online casino games in their free time — Mexico has the 2nd largest gaming audience in Latin America.

Mexico is at the Heart of the Americas

Mexico’s central location between North, South, and Central America is one of its biggest selling points for digital nomads. Being centrally located makes Mexico an ideal base to travel from, as you can conveniently take a flight from the main international airport (Mexico City International Airport) to any country in the Americas.

Moreover, because of Mexico’s strategic location, there is a rich mix of expats from the different countries in the Americas. Therefore, you are guaranteed to connect with a few people from your home country in one of the cities. According to the U.S. State Department, approximately 1.6 million Americans live in Mexico. The country continues to market itself as a hub for digital nomads from across different communities by promoting a variety of cultures and experiences through numerous festivals, music events, and even local markets offering a little bit of home to most expats.

Even better, Mexico’s location at the heart of the Americas makes it ideal for digital nomads whose co-workers are majorly based in North America, as you get to work in the same time zone, making collaboration and coordination across different countries significantly easier.  Undoubtedly, Mexico’s appeal to digital nomads to live and work remotely is warranted. The strategic location, ease in acquiring a digital nomad visa, affordable co-working spaces with decent Wi-Fi coupled with the added advantage of exposure to rich cultures, beautiful climates and landscapes, and an affordable cost of living will make you want to make Mexico your new home.

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