Mexico-Pachuca Hwy blocked this morning, find out why


Protesters use blankets and banners to prevent motorists from passing

On the morning of this Sunday, March 10, a blockade was recorded on the Mexico-Pachuca highway, near the Explanada shopping center. The protesters are a group of residents of the area, who closed circulation due to the lack of water in the area, as well as improvements in drainage services. 

According to reports circulating on social networks, protesters use banners and blankets to block the lanes of Mexico-Pachuca, heading towards Mexico City (CDMX). Neighbors have warned that traffic will not be restored until their demands are met by local authorities. 

Protesters agree to remove the blockade

The protesters closed traffic. Photo: screenshot. 

After several minutes of blockade, the protesters agreed to remove the blockade and reopen circulation. The neighbors remain in the area on the edge of the road, waiting for the authorities to arrive in the area and engage in dialogue to resolve their demands. The authorities have recommended motorists look for alternative routes to avoid being affected by traffic cuts. 

It is worth mentioning that the head of the Water and Sewerage Commission of Intermunicipal Systems, Juan Evel Chávez Trovamala, is there, who arrived to address the demands of the neighbors and provide a solution to their problems related to drainage and lack of water. .

Blockades planned for this March 10

Blockages affect circulation. Photo: special

This Sunday, March 10, transporters from all over the country have threatened to close important roads and highways, to demand more safety on the roads. According to a press release, the blockades will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 10, and will extend until Monday, March 11. 

One of the blockades is planned for the Mexico-Pachuca in the direction of Mexico City. According to local media, the affected points would be around Tecámac, Ecatepec, and Tizayuca.