From my Ranch to Your kitchen: the Mexican granny who beats Ramsay Gordon and Martha Stewart on YouTube


From my Ranch to Your Kitchen, Doña Ángela’s channel accumulates more than four million subscribers on YouTube.

De mi Rancho a Tu cocina, that is the name of the YouTube channel of Doña Ángela, the Mexican granny who surpasses the number of views of videos of renowned culinary personalities such as Ramsay Gordon and Martha Stewart, according to statistics from Latinometrics.

Doña Ángela is a Michoacan who is dedicated to presenting recipes for traditional Mexican dishes and who was positioned as the fourth most viewed culinary channel on the platform, with more than 300,000 visits in her last 25 videos.

The site that publishes Latin American statistics highlights that without being “a famous actress or a recognized cook with a long career and Michelin stars,” her videos get more views than Ramsay Gordon, who even has five times more subscribers.

Image: Latinometrics.

While Martha, Gordon and just about every channel on the list has top-of-the-line production teams, Doña Ángela prepares the food in her own humble kitchen and her daughters record all the content on their phones.


De mi Rancho a Tu cocina, has 4.03 million subscribers at the time of this publication and its videos have become a tool for teaching the language.

Likewise, a Swedish university cited the Doña Ángela channel as a means for migrants to reconnect with their culture when they are away from home.

In 2020, Doña Ángela’s channel reached more than three million subscribers on YouTube. Image: From my Ranch to Your Kitchen via Facebook.

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