How to Focus on Essay Writing


The process of writing requires a serious approach. In the first place, it concerns the concentration and competent choice of the topic. The first criterion is especially important in public places. When writing articles in a group of students, there is often noise in the classroom, which will start making you feel distracted. But even at home in complete silence, it is sometimes impossible to be tuned into the working process. Whether you need to express your thoughts on paper or transmit them on the computer, it does not matter. For those who find it challenging to concentrate and produce quality work under these circumstances, considering a “write my papers service” can be a beneficial solution. Such services are designed to assist students in producing quality content under any circumstance. You should make a plan, follow it clearly, and stay focused. In this case, writing works will be as productive as possible. To avoid a crisis, keep in mind the tips below. Each tip helps you gradually get into the rhythm and write excellent work.

Understand the Essay Process

College and university students are often required to create an essay. To complete the task, it is necessary to get acquainted with its features and stay focused. It is important to understand what an essay is and how to start writing. In this case, you will be halfway to success. The process itself is also important. It includes:

  • gathering information;
  • searching for an idea;
  • structuring the data;
  • writing process;
  • checking the finished version.

During the information-gathering phase, consult reference books, encyclopedias, research papers, and other sources that may be helpful. As you move to the idea, write your arguments on the chosen topic. Be sure to create a structure. Based on it, you will be able to pay attention to the elaboration of each individual block. Then, write the essay using simple words. Try to avoid complicated expressions so that the people around you can understand your thoughts very well. Edit the written essay, reviewing each paragraph.

Avoid Research Recursion Syndrome

The desire to create the perfect essay can play a cruel trick. Afraid of missing out on important information, some writers search for multiple sources. This consumes a huge amount of time, which is better spent with greater efficiency. In such cases, it is recommended to go the following way:

  • find the most popular (readable) source;
  • read the information that is offered;
  • draw conclusions and move on to specifics, revealing new data.

It is not necessary to write an essay relying on dozens of studies. Even if it is necessary to make citations, a few sources will be enough. Keep in mind that the main objective is to create plagiarism free essays. If the information is insignificant, provide one resource. It is not recommended to cite other authors if the point under consideration is not so important.

Be Clear About the Topic of the Essay

The topic of the essay is the basis that requires you to concentrate your attention as much as possible. You have to understand what it means and how to answer all the questions in the best way. Determine the most important things that should be reflected. It may be better to present some information in the form of charts and graphs, which convey the data in an accessible way.

During the writing process, don’t forget about your topic. It is very easy to get away from it. You won’t interest anyone by talking about a distracting topic. That’s why you need to feel what you’re working through intuitively.

Be Clear About the Type of Essay You Want to Write

There are several types of essays. The type you choose depends on the nature of the information you’re presenting. Familiarize yourself with all the options and the rules for completing them to provide the best answers. You may be required to do the following:

  • Explanation. Here you need to research the topic, analyze the evidence, outline the idea, and argue your answers;
  • Description. Provide clear information about an event, phenomenon, or object. Here you need to talk about a particular experience;
  • Narrative. You are expected to tell a story. It can be a funny situation or a personal experience. Creativity is important;
  • Persuasion. Information should be set out so that the reader agrees with your point of view;
  • Argumentation. Here, you need to describe your own position on the chosen topic.

Students often complete essays within a time limit. In such a case, the text must be ready by the designated minute (hour/day). This requires quick preparation. You need to eliminate any distractions in order to meet the deadline.

Use Essay Structure to Help You Focus

Create a clear and detailed plan so that you don’t lose the main idea. Some students look at the same thing during the entire essay, approaching the situation (phenomenon, subject) from different angles. In fact, it’s boring. Try to write a strong hook to captivate the reader. Then, move from the main topic to sub-topics to gradually provide as much data as possible. This way, you will not only fully cover the topic but also back it up with arguments.

Make 15 Minutes Rest from Time to Time

Don’t forget about a break. Even if you are fully engaged in essay creation, you should find time to take a break. Some students think about having enough energy for another paragraph. But you end up with poor-quality content that you have to rewrite. If you don’t want to revise certain paragraphs of the essay all over again, then take time to unload your brain from time to time. Going back to the process with renewed energy is an opportunity to get a better result.

Take off Your Phone and Close Social Media Pages

Write your essay by putting away your cell phone. As a distraction factor, it won’t be helpful. Constantly looking at messages in messengers is a direct way to poor quality content and failure to meet deadlines. It takes just as much time to read third-party information on social media pages. If you put your smartphone aside, however, you’ll notice an increase in productivity. This is important if you want to get the task done well and quickly.

Make a Cup of Tea/Coffee for a Good Concentration

A cup of tea or coffee isn’t just an opportunity to take a break. The beverage often becomes a source of inspiration or focus on a task. Taking another sip, you can find a new idea or think of a strong argument. Don’t underestimate the delicious method of problem-solving.


Using the methods discussed above, you will create an excellent essay. If you can’t get your mind in order, you are nervous and lose control of the situation, then go another way. Improve your state of mind by normalizing your sleep and eating habits. Form the habit of writing essays in the first half of the day in a good mood. Your lifestyle directly affects your performance in all areas.

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