Mimezcalito.com the ”Uber of mezcal”


It is a trading platform to buy directly from producers.

Entrepreneurs from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) created mimezcalito.com, a kind of “Uber de mezcal”, a trading platform, where users or businesses can buy artisanal mezcal directly from the producers and wait for it at home.

“Through mimezcalito we sell the beverages of great master mezcaleros who, after being abused by the industrial marketers, decided to put their own brand,” said Nohemí Romero, co-founder of the project.

The entrepreneur indicated that these intermediaries condition the prices of mezcal in the market and are the ones who obtain the highest profits and the producers remain in poverty, in addition to accelerating the mezcal with methanol, chemicals, and other liquids to increase their production capacity and thus they resell in the national and foreign markets with the risk of causing severe damage to the health of consumers due to these bad practices.

In addition, this undertaking has a social impact, because, for each mezcal sold, they donate maguey seeds in order to reverse the problem faced by producers of plant shortages to distill this beverage more constantly; and the risk that species such as the espadín and the Tobalá in Oaxaca become extinct; or the cupreata in Guerrero and Michoacán, two of the states with the highest production nationwide.

Nohemí detailed that the mimezcalito.com platform has also become a right arm of the producers by representing them in different expos and mezcal fairs, which they can hardly attend on their own due to the high costs generated by the stand, the lodging, transportation, and food.

They also participated in calls for entrepreneurship such as Possible and Naucalpan Emprende, where they obtained an acceleration of their business model to make it replicable throughout the country.

The process of buying mezcal on this platform is very simple: the user chooses the mezcal from one of the nine states with Denomination of Origin (DO), makes the payment and within 5 business days receives it at his home, with the guarantee of quality tested by tasting by its master mezcalero.

“We do not sell alcoholic beverages to promote drunkenness but as a distillate to enjoy and taste, and what most companies or marketing areas ask us for are tastings for their customers and suppliers,” he stressed.

Mimezcalito.com also offers users the chance to visit mezcal factories, interact directly with producers and witness the experience of a distillation, as well as enjoy this traditional Mexican drink in local mezcalerías.

“With our platform, bars, mezcal stores, and restaurants save time, money, and effort by searching separately for mezcal brands; and we also increased their sales by holding mezcal tables, tastings, pairings, and training courses,” explained the entrepreneur.

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