Mexican Tacos breaking ground in Up-State New York!

Plattsburgh is a city in, and the seat of, Clinton County, New York, United States, situated on the north-western shore of Lake Champlain.

PLATTSBURGH, NEW YORK — Jay Letts, owner of the new restaurant Los Diablos Tacos, wants to make sure “if you’re hungry, you get fed.”

The Mexican-style eatery, located at 7164B State Route 9, in Plattsburgh, New York, opened June 11, and business has been “phenomenal” so far.

“It’s been gratifying,” Letts said.

“The love and response and understanding that the people of Plattsburgh have given us, they have been way, way, way over the top, and they love our food — they’re beginning to call us the ‘premiere Mexican restaurant in Plattsburgh.’”


Letts, 69, isn’t new to owning his own business.

Los Diablos Tacos is located in the same building as his current business, Total Computer Supplies, and is in the space as his previous business, 420 Subs, was.

“Because of the way it was zoned, I had some commercial space in the front after the sub shop left, and I had people that I rented to and it came down to (my) decision,” he said.

“I could have taken the rent, and that would be it. But it didn’t sit right with me. I kept thinking this is too little money…so I said I’m going to do this.”


Los Diablos Tacos is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

Though, in the first week and a half of being open, they often haven’t had enough food to finish out a shift.

“Every single day they’ve wiped us out of some form of food before 7 o’clock,” he said.

“The first night we ran out of food at 4 p.m. I said, ‘Alright, we have to up the ante here. We have to increase our quantity.’ So, the next night we ran out of food again, only a little later, and we had to up our food quantity again…last night we made it to 6:06 p.m., or 6:20 p.m. It shows we’re getting there, but we’re still a ways off.”


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