ZKW invests 102 million dollars in Guanajuato for plant expansion


The ZKW company, a leader in automotive supply, plans to reach an investment of 255 million dollars and 2,522 associates in Guanajuato by 2025.

With an investment of 102 million dollars and the generation of 830 jobs, ZKW Group, the world’s leading supplier of the automotive sector, ratified its confidence in Guanajuato, with the third expansion of its production plant. The company plans to reach 2025 with an investment of 255 million dollars and 2,522 associates. 

ZKW invests 102 million dollars in Guanajuato for plant expansion

Leading the ceremony for the laying of the first stone of the expansion of the ZKW Group, the governor of Guanajuato, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, highlighted that this work is the result of the tour carried out in Europe in the month of September 2021, where it Austrian-Korean company announced its investment.

With this third expansion of its Silao plant, ZKW will manufacture headlights and center bar lamps for electric vehicles and SUVs from BMWFord and General Motors.

The president recognized the integration of Guanajuato talent such as Jessica Oñate, Comptroller Manager of the ZKW Group, who, with four years of work in the company, demonstrates the type of opportunities that are generated by attracting investments that allow them to improve their quality of life. .

“ZKW is a company that truly believes in talent, gives opportunities and supports the growth of people, I am an example that ZKW trusts and develops people” , said the governor. 

He also highlighted the Collaboration Agreement between the Administration of the Lázaro Cárdenas National Port System and Guanajuato Puerto Interior, which promotes foreign trade and regional development, promoted by companies such as ZKW.

The event was attended by the Secretary of Sustainable Economic Development, Mauricio Usabiaga Díaz Barriga; the Mayor of Silao, Carlos García Villaseñor; ZKW Group COO Wolfgang Muhri; the Vice President of ZKW Mexico, Jan Seumenicht; and the General Director of Guanajuato Puerto Interior, Héctor López Santillana; among other personalities. 

Source: boletines.guanajuato.gob.mx

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