Querétaro and Guanajuato, leaders in the Rule of Law: The World Justice Project


Of the eight factors presented by the IEDMX 2021-2022 of The World Justice Project, three were led by Guanajuato and three by Querétaro.

The independent organization ” The World Justice Project ®” released the indicators of the Index of the Rule of Law in Mexico (IEDMX), corresponding to the period 2021-2022, where Querétaro and Guanajuato were among the first three entities in the country in the measurement.

In this sense, the first place of said measurement was obtained by Querétaro, with 0.49 points out of 1 possible; second place went to Yucatan, with 0.47 points, and third place went to Guanajuato, with 0.46.

It should be noted that the IEDMX methodology is based on capturing the experiences and perceptions of more than 12,800 people and more than 2,100 specialists in the 32 states of the country.

In this fourth edition of the IEDMX (2021-2022 ), new indicators were presented, organized into the eight factors that make it up: limits to government power, absence of corruption, open government, fundamental rights, order and security, regulatory compliance, civil justice and criminal justice.

Querétaro y Guanajuato, líderes en Estado de Derecho: The World Justice Project

The indicators are also led by both states

Of the eight factors presented by the IEDMX 2021-2022, six were led by both states: Three were led by Guanajuato and three by Querétaro.

In factors 2 (absence of corruption), 4 (fundamental rights) and 8 (criminal justice) Querétaro obtained first place; while in factors 3 (open government), 6 (regulatory compliance) and 7 (civil justice), Guanajuato was the state that headed those lists.

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