CASA LUCILA: A unique boutique hotel in the heart of Mazatlán


Casa Lucila is a unique boutique hotel in Mazatlán. In addition to its beautiful architecture, it is an establishment certified by Mexico Boutique Hotels.

The original facade of the building is a mixture of colonial and neoclassical architectural influences, a characteristic that remains to this day.

Although it began as a home for immigrants, the building underwent several changes and passed through several owners.

Probably the most notable of these was when the building became O’Brien’s Seafood Restaurant, it was a restaurant and Jazz Club that was frequented by classic Hollywood celebrities such as John Wayne, who owned a fishing and sporting boat, actor Robert Mitchum and author Ernest Hemingway just to mention a few.

When the O’Brien’s owner passed away in the late 1950s the property was abandoned and remained so until early 2005.

Casa Lucila is located in the beautiful port of Mazatlán “La Perla del Pacífico” on iconic Olas Altas avenue, with a wonderful view of the Bay of Puerto Viejo.

Conchita Valadés, originally from Mazatlan, after seeing the abandoned property and its spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, fell completely in love with it and decided to take on the challenge of restoring it and turning it into a Boutique Hotel.

After two years of hard work and tireless efforts to revive the property to its original glory, Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique opened its doors on October 13, 2007.

Conchita decided to name Casa Lucila after her mother, Lucila Valdez de Valadés.

Lucila had thirteen children, of which eight were women, each of the eight hotel rooms bear the name of one of her daughters: Lupita, Conchita, Alma, Lucy, Lety, Esther, Marina, and Chayito.

In 2018 Grupo Arhe acquires the property, and they continue with that hallmark of warmth and service that distinguish it. Today, Casa Lucila is part of the notable local hotel group in Mazatlan: The Inn Hotels Group.

Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique

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