Turkish businessmen stripped of 5 million pesos (USD$250,000) at gunpoint in a Mexico City hotel


On Monday, February 14, armed individuals carried out a robbery at the NH Hotel, located in the center of Mexico City, from which they took a loot of more than 5 million pesos.

According to the inquiries, the victims were two businessmen from Turkey, who were carrying large amounts of money and jewelry.

Apparently, the assailants detected this situation, and at gunpoint, stripped the businessmen of their belongings, getting away with a loot of about 5 million pesos in jewelry and $13,600 US dollars in cash.

After carrying out the assault inside the hotel, the criminals fled the scene, so the authorities implemented a search operation to find those responsible.

So far, the number of people who participated in the robbery is unknown, while the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office is already investigating the events.

No arrests have been made in relation to this crime.

Source: 24 horas

The Mexico City Post