Embassy of Mexico in Ukraine prepares registration of Mexicans in the country


The embassy provided an email address for Mexicans who are in Ukrainian territory to contact

The Mexican embassy in Ukraine called on Mexicans in that country to register in the registry of the Mexican community residing in Ukraine.

On its Twitter account, the embassy asked Mexicans this Sunday to contact the Mexican representation in Ukraine via email mexicokiev@sre.gob.mx.

Mexicans who have previously registered were called to update their data.

The call comes amid fears of an attack on Ukrainian territory by Russia.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard tweeted for his side this Sunday that the Mexican ambassador to Ukraine, Olga García, has informed him that in that country there are 98 Mexican families residing in Ukrainian territory, who have registered with the embassy.

Mexican tourists in Ukraine are “very few,” said the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

The United States has warned of the possibility of a Russian attack on Ukraine, although Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has insisted to his US counterpart Joe Biden that the Ukrainians have their country under “safe and reliable protection” against what is he fears is an attack by much more powerful Russian armed forces, according to the AP news agency.

A US official updated the Biden administration’s estimate of Russian troops stationed near Ukraine’s borders to more than 130,000, an increase from the more than 100,000 the US had publicly mentioned in previous weeks. The official requested anonymity so he could comment on the US government’s findings, the AP said.

Zelenskyy has repeatedly played down warnings from Washington, questioning increasingly strident statements by US officials in recent days that Russia may be planning to invade Ukraine as early as midweek.

“We are aware of all the risks, we understand that there are risks,” the Ukrainian president declared in a live broadcast. “If you, or anyone else, have any additional information regarding a 100% invasion of Russia starting on the 16th, we ask that you share it with us,” he added.

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