Profeco warns about fake panela cheese brands


In the study carried out by Profeco to 30 brands, it concluded that some do not offer panela cheese, packed less product than advertised, contained excess sodium, and other problems. 

Cheese is one of the products that cannot be missing in the kitchen of families. Among these, panela cheese is one of the freshest and with lower fat content. But not everything is good news, according to Profeco, some turn out to be false

Through the National Laboratory for Consumer Protection, the Federal Consumer Protection Office ( Profeco ) detected that several brands of panela cheese fail to comply or lie to the buyer.

This body is responsible for carrying out quality studies that are later published in the Consumer Magazine. On this occasion, he analyzed a total of 30 brands of panela cheese


Photo: Consumer Magazine

What were the results of Profeco on panela cheese?

It was established that 2 brands contain less product than advertised:
Carranco panela cheese 400 grams contains 9.9% less
Zwan Premium reduced-fat panela cheese 400 grams has 4.4% less than what is offered

The study also revealed the brands that spoil faster and that fungi and yeast appear, which indicates poor sanitary management:
Aguascalientes fresh panela cheese 400 grams
Los Pioneros de la V del Mu imitation panela cheese in bulk
Great Value panela cheese light reduced fat 400 grams

Likewise, the Pioneros de la V del Mu cheese presented evidence of a change in label design showing a cow, which could confuse consumers. The same in the case of the Franja brand, which has two presentations and fails to comply in both, since it is not panela cheese but an imitation and violates the norm because products of this type must include the word “imitation” at the top. left capitalized and in bold, in addition, they cannot make use of “type”, “style” or any other similar term.

On the other hand, these are the brands that contain excess sodium:
Aguascalientes fresh panela cheese 400 grams
Alpura panela cheese 400 grams
Bové panela cheese 400 grams
Carranco panela cheese 400 grams
Esmeralda panela cheese 400 grams
Great Value panela cheese 400 grams
La Villita panela cheese 300 grams
Zwan Premium panela cheese 200 grams
Alpino imitation panela cheese 400 grams

Quesos irregulares, según la Profeco

And, finally, the study determined the brands that contain less protein than labeled or exaggerate the amounts:
Zwan Premium panela cheese 200 grams, declares 17% but contains 15.34%
Los Pioneros de la V del Mu imitation panela cheese in bulk, announces 15 % and contains 9.02%
Flor de Alfalfa panela cheese 500 grams, is sold with 22.2% and contains 18.3%
Great Value panela cheese 400 grams contains excess trans fats. These types of fats increase the levels of “good” cholesterol (HDL) and raise the “bad” (LDL), which causes the risk of cardiovascular disease.

It’s not cheese

There is a cheese that, according to Profeco, presumes to be although it is not: it is the Franja brand.

The study indicates that Franja is shown as “panela cheese” when it is not, it contains pasteurized reconstituted skim milk, partially hydrogenated vegetable fats and/or oils and caseinates.

Irregular cheeses, according to Profeco
Irregular cheeses, according to Profeco (Special)

It’s an imitation

Profeco also accuses Franja cheese of claiming to be “panela cheese” when it is an imitation.

Franja cheese is sold in bulk at Chedraui and at Sam’s Club.

Irregular cheeses, according to Profeco
Irregular cheeses, according to Profeco (Courtesy)

The recommendations of the Profeco

Profeco makes five recommendations that every consumer should take into account when buying cheese.

  1. Read the labels: It will help you make the right choice. Remember that there are cheeses and imitations. Check the expiration date
  2. Drain the whey: Do it once opened, so as not to favor the growth of fungi.
  3. It must be refrigerated: Before buying it, make sure that it is properly refrigerated in the store
  4. Keep it refrigerated: Once purchased, always keep it refrigerated and do not consume it after its expiration date
  5. Look at its appearance: Do not consume it if there are pink spots, it gives off an unpleasant odor or it has a slimy appearance

Which were the well rated cheeses?

Now that you know the panela cheeses that do not meet the standards, we present some of those that came out well qualified:
•    Bafar panela cheese in bulk 400 grams
•     Covadonga panela cheese 400 grams
•    Bionda melted panela cheese 400 grams
•    Fud panela cheese 300 grams.
•    Lala panela cheese 200 grams
•     Los Volcanes panela cheese 400 grams
•     Nochebuena artisanal panela cheese 400 grams
•     Red Hood panela cheese 400 grams

Here is the importance of being well informed about the analyzes carried out by Profeco, you can also consult the editions of the Consumer Magazine online for free, since your health could be at stake. 

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