Cancun, CDMX, and Los Cabos: the three destinations with the highest flight reservations in 2022


North America, Europe, the Caribbean, Asia, Central, and South America represent 26% more than scheduled in 2021 when 25 million 377 thousand seats were totaled.

After tourism in Mexico was hit by the restrictions derived from the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused a 46% drop in 2021, it is estimated that by 2022 31 million 986 thousand seats will remain scheduled in Mexico, according to Official Airline Guide (OAG) estimates.

Among the favorite destinations for foreigners, the following stand out:

  • Cancun: 7 million 960 thousand scheduled seats.
  • Mexico City: 5 million 624 thousand scheduled seats.
  • San José del Cabo: 2 million 610 thousand scheduled seats.
  • Guadalajara: 2 million 604 thousand scheduled seats.
  • Puerto Vallarta: 2 million 117 thousand scheduled seats.
  • Monterrey: 1 million 099 thousand scheduled seats.
  • León: 519 thousand scheduled seats.
  • Morelia: 295 thousand scheduled seats.

As for the regions with the most seats scheduled in 2022, North America, Europe, the Caribbean, Central, and South America, and Asia stand out, representing 26% more than what was scheduled in 2021, when 25 million 377 thousand seats were totaled, according to data from the Secretary of Tourism.

North America participates with 24 million 894 thousand places, which represents 77.8% of the total; of these, 22 million 718 thousand seats come from the United States, equivalent to 91.3%, and from Canada, 2 million 176,000, which gives it a share of 8.7%.

In second place is the Caribbean, Central and South American region, with 3 million 896 thousand seats, which is 12.2% of the total, and in third place is the European Union with 2 million 877 thousand seats, with 9% of the total; while the fourth position is for the Asian region with 319,000 seats, equivalent to 1% of the total.


Mexico Daily Post