Journalist José Luis Gamboa Arenas is murdered in Veracruz

Journalist José Luis Gamboa Arenas is murdered in Veracruz

The journalist José Luis Gamboa Arenas, general director of the digital newspaper Inforegio, was murdered in the port of Veracruz, reported the State Commission for Attention and Protection of Journalists (CEAPP).

The homicide occurred on Monday, January 10th, but it was not until Friday the 14th that Gamboa Arenas was formally identified by his relatives.

The CEAPP was informed of the situation until this Saturday, January 15th, without prior notice of his disappearance.

The journalist’s body was found with stab wounds in Veracruz La Floresta subdivision, reported El Financiero.

According to preliminary information, the injuries could have been caused during an attempted robbery.

The State Commission explained that, after a review of the files and databases of the CEAPP, “there is no history of attacks, information on incidents or records of threats against José Luis Gamboa Arenas, so the communicator was not included in preventive or protection programs of any kind, prior to the aforementioned events.”

For these reasons, the Journalist Community in Mexico requests and urges the corresponding authority to implement the Protocol for the Investigation of Crimes Against Freedom of Expression.

Source: Animal Politico

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