Mi Veracruz Tourism Award: a recognition of the best of the state


For the second consecutive year, the Mi Veracruz Tourism Award will reward people, companies and organizations with the best practices in tourism and gastronomy in the state. Find out the details here and find out when the delivery will be made

Honoring the state ambassadors

For a tourist destination to be positioned in the minds of travelers, much more is needed than beautiful landscapes. This is well known in Veracruz, which for the second time will organize, through the State Secretariat of Tourism and Culture, the delivery of the Mi Veracruz Tourism Award. Created in 2020, this award recognizes the quality and excellence practices implemented by the entity’s tourism sector actors: from hoteliers and tour operators to restaurant owners and students.

Of course, in addition to recognizing them, the award aims to highlight the work done by all those involved in promoting Veracruz as a diverse, rich, and attractive destination for travelers.

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What will the My Veracruz Tourist Award reward?

This year, the call for the Mi Veracruz Tourism Award includes the following categories:

  1. Students 
  2. Restaurants 
  3. Gastronomy professionals 
  4. Excellence in the hotel sector 
  5. Tourist operation 
  6. My Tourist Region 
  7. My Magic Town 
  8. Veracruz Merit Award in Gastronomy

It should be noted that in the case of the category for studentsthree prizes will be awarded: one for the Best dish prepared with regional ingredients, another for the Best technological innovation proposal and a third for Innovation proposals implemented in the quality of the service.

Center of the port of Veracruz

The hotels and restaurants that make Veracruz proud

Regarding Excellence in the hotel sector, the winners will be determined in the following sub-categories: Hotel with the best guest serviceFamily Hotel, Business Hotel, Adventure Hotel, Hotel with good social practices and Boutique Hotel. 

In the case of restaurants, establishments of regional, national and author cuisine may participate, each with a prize. In addition, the restaurants with the best service for the diner and those with the best design and architecture will also be recognized.

Regarding the Professional category of gastronomy, the work carried out to enhance the cuisine of Veracruz will be taken into account. This item will have the Revelation Chef of the YearDish with original recipe, and Traditional dish awardsIt is worth mentioning that in 2020 the Veracruz Merit Award in Gastronomy went to chef José Burela Picazzo.

How will the Mi Veracruz Tourism Award be evaluated and when is it awarded?

This year, the Mi Veracruz Tourism Award will be presented on December 17 at the Boca del Río World Trade Center during a gala dinner. 

Iván Martínez Olvera, Undersecretary of Tourism Promotion and Attention, affirmed in an interview that only the winners will attend the event, who will be informed in advance about obtaining their recognition. For the general public, the event will be broadcast on state television stations.

In turn, the official stressed that the qualifying jury is made up of businessmen from the industryopinion leaders, a Veracruz gastronomic council,  as well as some government entities. However, there will be an exception for cymbal categories. According to what was expressed by Martínez, each finalist cook will present their preparation hours before, which will be evaluated by an expert group.

An ancient symbol

This 2021, like last year, the trophy that the winners will receive will consist of a stylized version of the Totonac ears of corn. Visible in the headbands that the old smiling faces carry on the forehead, they symbolize the greatness of the state, its ancient origins, and its vision for the future. 

Totonac smiley face

To learn more about the My Veracruz Tourist Award, go to its website. In it you can also find out about the winners of 2020.

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