From photoshoots to marriage proposals, this happens in the famous sunflower fields of Tamaulipas


These are some of the curious situations that have arisen on this large yellow carpet.

For a few weeks, the field of sunflowers in Tamaulipas opened its doors to the population that wants to go admire the beautiful landscape provided by these intense yellow flowers and the Cerro del Bernal in the background, of course also to take a souvenir photograph.

Turismo Tamaulipas on Twitter: "El cerro del Bernal, también conocido como  Bernal de Horcasitas, es un monte con una altitud de 820 metros un símbolo  de #OrgulloTamaulipeco" / Twitter

But these sunflower fields have also been the scene for other activities, taking advantage of the postcard that these more than 300 hectares give away in the “Graciano Sánchez” ejido, on one side of the Tampico-Mante highway, in the municipality of González.

From photoshoots to marriage proposals, these are some of the curious situations that have been presented on this big yellow carpet.

We started with a beekeeper who wanted to send a message to all the tourists who come to the sunflower field to respect the bees that are in the place.

Of course, YouTubers or influencers have also come to take the souvenir photo and were delighted with the landscape.

The field is not only used for photoshoots of people, but also for pets, as we can see on this page that publishes images of puppies.

The landscape is so beautiful that it is the perfect setting to make marriage proposals, as shared on social networks.

Singers and musical groups have also occupied this natural setting to record the videos of their songs. Like Ceci Boeta who recorded in collaboration with the group El Contrato “El querreque norteño”.

And politicians have not been left behind. Many have taken advantage of their tours of the state to take their photo and post it on their social networks.


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