#PlanChilango Christmas Combis Caravan in CDMX (video)


Sunday, December 19, 2021, about 100 combis will surprise drivers and pedestrians with a caravan of Christmas combis on one of the most important and busy roads in Mexico City

It is an unconventional parade organized by the ‘Combi Amigos’ club. The sole purpose of which is to entertain passersby with a caravan of combis decorated with Christmas motifs, very colorful, and with many lights. 

This caravan of combis will leave the National Auditorium and will reach the Monument to the Revolution. So if you are a lover of classic cars and you also love Christmas; or you know someone who is, feel free to attend with that special someone.

The organizers have invited lovers of vintage cars and motorized clubs to participate and join them. 

890 877

All you need is to send a message WhatsApp to the organizers of the event, which is on its “fan page” on Facebook

CDMX 2021 combi caravan

The appointment for participants is at 4:30 PM, next to the National Auditorium. You do not need to pay for registration, or anything else. Just take your classic or tuned combi; with lights, decorations, gifts or any other Christmas element such as piñatas, lanterns, or whatever your creativity allows you. 

The caravan of Christmas combis, of private vehicles, emerged last year in León, Guanajuato. After the coronavirus pandemic; with the sole purpose of entertaining children and bringing joy to all those who went through a difficult situation.  

This year, this same event will be replicated in several states of the Mexican Republic and will of course have its own edition in Mexico City

Undoubtedly, these types of events make us very happy and give us back our faith in humanity, because in addition to not having any lucrative purpose; His only interest is to create community, live together and have a good time in a healthy way. 

Source: chilango.com

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