Health protocols are reinforced in Mazatlan in preparation for Omicron variant


During the winter season, around 11 thousand foreign tourists visit the port

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The arrival in Canada and the United States of the new variant of coronavirus, called “Ómicron”, keeps the members of the Mazatlán tourism sector on alert.

According to the statistics of the Sinaloa Tourism Secretariat, each winter season around 11 thousand foreign tourists arrive at the port for the winter season.

During 2020 and a good part of 2021, connectivity with Canada was lost, but it has been recovering and that is what keeps them “nervous.”

“In the health contingency, air connectivity with the United States and Canada was lost, but as of October of this year, the recovery began with the first arrivals of West Jet, then Sunwing Airlines and Swoop arrived, in such a way that now there are five flights recovered from Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver and the intention is to reopen Winnipeg, Toronto, and Montreal ”, said the Secretary of Tourism, María del Rosario Torres Noriega.

Therefore, he announced that they will meet with the authorities of the three levels of government to analyze and strengthen health protocols.

He assured that the issue, more than worrying, already keeps the authorities busy, where they involve health and the hotel sector, in order to take care of the health protocols in the main destination such as Mazatlán, as well as in the rest of the entity, where tourist activity is not put at risk.

“We are not alarmed, we are busy on the issue to work so that this does not affect; We are concerned in the sense that we all have to get involved, that is the concern and first of all what we have to take care of is the health of both tourists, visitors and those of us who are here, it is essential, but without alarming, we already know what it’s what we have to do to take care of ourselves, “he said.


For his part, the president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Spiced Food Industry of Mazatlán, Rodrigo Becerra Rodríguez, affirmed that the actions have to be reinforced, but, above all, not to lower their guard and that citizens also respect the guidelines, not just shops.

He affirmed that, despite the fact that Mazatlán is green in the epidemiological traffic light of the Ministry of Health, the sector has not lowered its guard and continues to apply strict protocols and respect the capacity of 75%

“We are on a green traffic light, and so we are going to act in that sense and until the information begins to emerge a little throughout the world we will know how to take measures to be prepared for a supposed fourth wave of Covi-19d, but until now it is speculation ”, he expressed.

Similarly, the president of the Federation of National Chambers of Commerce in Sinaloa, Miguel Hernández Fonseca, expressed that they will also join and reinforce the sanitary protocols, they will voluntarily request the vaccination certificate and respect the capacity.


The Mazatlan Post