Panucho Fest to be held in Merida as part of the Tianguis Turístico activities


Mérida, Yucatán, (November 12, 2021) .- As part of the activities of Tianguis Turístico 2021, the Panucho Fair will be held on Saturday, November 20, from five in the afternoon to ten at night, in the neighborhood ” La Ermita ”of Santa Isabel.

Eight stalls selling panuchos, two stalls of traditional desserts, and two stalls of soft drinks will participate.

The Tianguis Barrio Santa will also take place, where there will be activities such as: Yucatecan gastronomy, videomaping on the church of Santa Ana, sale of artisan products and cultural shows, among others.

You can check the complete billboard at or on the City Council’s social networks.

In case you don’t know, a Panucho is a Mexican food specialty from the Yucatán made with a refried tortilla that is stuffed with refried black beans and topped with stew and chopped cabbage

Source: SIPSE

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