Mexico Driving Guide 2021


Driving in Mexico gives you an unlimited way of enjoying this beautiful country. An international driving license is an addition to this. Experience your best travels through this guide.

Are you looking for a budget-friendly journey around Mexico? Read through this guide and learn how now.

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Mexico is on the list of 10 top countries most visited by tourists across the world. And this country has numerous reasons for it. The third-largest country in Latin America, after Brazil and Argentina, Mexico is a tourism powerhouse that also serves as a gateway to other countries, including the United States, for tourists looking to do some country-hopping.

Visiting beaches in Mexico with a margarita in hand is likely one of the reasons you’re visiting the country. Chilling in a beach chair with a drink, while the sun sets in Mexico is just breathtaking and amazing. You can also go trekking in Mexico’s mountain ranges, visit astounding churches, have a taste of their famous dishes, explore 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and learn about their 30 centuries of rich history at museums and other historical monuments.

How Can This Guide Help You?

Driving in Mexico can be an adventure of a lifetime since you get to decide to visit remote areas, which might be difficult to reach using public transportation. Having your own car in the country also allows you to travel to such areas at your preferred pace while being comfortable. If you’re on a business trip, driving a rental car in Mexico will make your trip easier.

Your questions about the International Driver’s License, Mexico’s beaches, and other tourism-related details will be found here. If you’re ready to learn more driving tips to Mexico, and if you’re asking, “Do I need an International Driver’s Permit in Mexico?”, read further to find out why the country is called the Land of Enchantment!

General Information

The world’s 13-largest country by area, Mexico is officially called the Estados Unidos Mexicanos, or the United Mexican States. It’s capital, Mexico City, is the country’s most populous city in the country with a population of several times that of Ecatepec de Morelos, the next largest city in the country.

Geographic Location

Mexico is located in Central America and shares its northern borders with the United States while being enclaved by the extensive Pacific Ocean at its southern and western borders. The Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea swaddle the eastern edges of the country, while Guatemala and Belize share borders with Mexico to the southeast.

Islands and archipelagos, like the Tres Marías in the Pacific, also form part of the country. Including these isolated regions, Mexico covers nearly 2,000 square kilometers. Being the United Mexican States, the country is made up of 31 states and Mexico City.

Languages Spoken

Mexico is a diverse country as it is composed of different ethnic groups. As one of the most traveled to countries, here are the top three popular languages and their estimated numbers which you should know about.

  • Spanish (Around 110 million throughout Mexico)
  • Nahuatl (Around 2 million mostly Central Mexico)
  • English (Around 2 million people throughout Mexico)

So, if your first language is English or Spanish, you don’t need to worry about asking for directions and understanding the traffic signs.

Land Area

Mexico amasses an area of 1.973 million square kilometers, including the 6,000 sq. km. in the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of California, Caribbean Sea, and the Pacific Ocean. To its North, the country also has a share of 5,000 km border with the United States.

Officially, Mexico is named as the United Mexican States. The country is located in one of Earth’s active tectonic plates and is frequented by seismic activity, due to it being part of the Circum- “Pacific Ring of Fire.”

Mayan Temple Mexico

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