Artisan chocolate is one of the many products you can find in the Organic Market of Mazatlán


MAZATLÁN.- After a few months of absence, by season, the Mazatlán Organic Market returns with a new edition and with new healthy products for you and your family.

We know that today the ideal is to take care of our health, so we highly recommend visiting this place that is located in the center of Plazuela Zaragoza.

Here you will find 100 percent organic products, ranging from breakfast, Skin Care products, whole grain bread loaves, baby items, and feminine hygiene care, as well as vegetables, coffee, and snacks.

An example of what you can buy is “Chocolate Jiaru”, which is a bar of chocolate made in an artisanal and natural way by Yolanda Rodríguez, from Mazatlan, who for 6 years has expressed the phrase “Good flavor is not an enemy of health”.

Yolanda’s chocolates only have two ingredients: cocoa and brown sugar. In powder, cream and truffle are the presentations, but it also takes advantage of the husk that can be taken in infusions and the small pieces of the already roasted cocoa bean to offer them as energizers.

Photo: Rosina Grave

Almond, walnut, blueberry, or just semi-bitter are some combinations in truffles, it also has tablets so you can prepare traditional chocolate but without added sugar.

“My chocolate is called ‘Jiaru’, which means ‘sun’, it is from the Mazahua-Otomí language, from the Michoacán region, with the State of Mexico and it is the name of our son,” he added.

The artisan ensures that all its packaging and wrapping are biodegradable, it seeks to be consistent with its product, and that everything is healthy.

This and other products can be found in the Organic Market that began this Saturday, November 13 in Plazuela Zaragoza, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and will remain until April 2022.

Source: Punto MX

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