National Guard rescues kidnapped in San Sebastián del Oeste, Jalisco


Thanks to the trust of the citizens and especially of a family from Tomatlán, they managed to rescue members of that family, who were kidnapped, by men who demanded a significant sum of money. 

The agents of the National Guard at the time of being informed of these events, contacted the family and with the help of Intelligence, managed to locate the cellphone of one of those affected, who was in San Sebastián del Oeste. 

According to information from the agency, National Guard personnel advised a person, who was receiving calls from three telephone numbers, demanding a large amount of money for the release of 3 family members, including a minor. old. 

In coordination with Intelligence, they managed to locate the cell phone of one of the kidnapped people, so immediately, personnel moved to the town of San Sebastián del Oeste, Jalisco,  where they were able to locate and rescue these people safe and sound, victims of a virtual kidnapping, who were in room number 5 of a hotel in that town.

Rescue victims of virtual kidnapping in San Sebastián del Oeste

The Public Ministry was immediately informed, who ordered the completion of the Approved Police Report and other corresponding records, in addition to presenting the evidence related to this fact, to open the investigation folder. 

The people rescued from this criminal act were transferred to a local hospital in order to be clinically assessed and later they were escorted to their homes, where their relatives were already waiting for them. 

Rescue victims of virtual kidnapping in San Sebastián del Oeste

It is important to mention that thanks to the recommendations given to the person who trusted in reporting this fact to the National Guard, no money was deposited.

Citizens are advised to remain alert to this modus operandi of people, who are dedicated to intimidating and extorting their victims, in order to demand money for their release.

Source: Tribuna de la Bahía

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