State monopoly PEMEX promises owners better prices and support in permits if they return


Pemex tells the gas stations that it wants to be seen as an ally and partner; seeks to reposition its franchise and recover points of sale.

Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) promises a series of benefits to gasoline entrepreneurs so that they can opt for their marketing and franchise contracts, from being their ally to supporting them with the permitting process for new service stations to better prices.

Before the union, the State Productive Company led by Octavio Romero Oropeza presented the deployment plan that it is carrying out and what it is preparing to close the year with respect to its fuel business.

Manuel Chávez de la Parra, commercial deputy director of Pemex Transformación Industrial, said that they are on a “mission” to recover sales volume.

“We are the largest supplier in the country, we have a capacity to use our terminals, such that there is a space for growth that we can accommodate,” he said.

During his participation in the Gasoline Sector Reunion Point event, which takes place in Cancun, the executive pointed out that several initiatives will be launched to recover points of sale; The first is to offer the best price conditions where they do not have new stations to strengthen the Pemex franchise.

In that sense, he asked to consider Pemex as an ally, since it recognizes the importance of having permits because the value of a station doubles when it has them. This is something that gas stations have struggled with since they have many authorizations locked in the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE).

“I want you to understand Pemex as an ally in the application of these projects and to see us as a partner, attending hand in hand and as a team, all the requirements that can be offered and requested from the authorities that require for the approval of permits and assignments ”, he commented.

Chávez de la Parra also spoke about credit conditions, which have very important gaps that they want to close, since this can lead to a limitation for the expansion of a marketer and distributor regarding what it can offer to a customer who is in Pemex franchise or with another flag.

Another tool that Pemex is working on is to potentiate the Pemex franchise network with a purchasing management platform for fleets, under this scheme.

“We are convinced that we are going to attract clients that have logistics deployment in various entities and that there is no network of stations that serves that coverage,” he commented.

Finally, he said that the quality of the service will be the focus and “obsession” of the Pemex commercial team.

In addition, he highlighted that a benefit that is already underway is that for an average service station, Pemex has reduced the return on investment from 6 to 5 years.

“I can assure that Pemex is in another perspective, I would like us to be able to confirm it with direct talks with our clients,” he stressed.


Mexico Daily Post