Meet Agustín Gusto, the first wine produced in Valladolid, Yucatán


Valladolid, Yucatán.- The Agustín Gusto restaurant, whose Mexican concept seeks to be a reference in the national culinary art, both for locals and foreign visitors, announces the launch of the first Valladolid-branded wine as part of its gastronomic experience.

Aware of the need to bet on innovation and strategic thinking in the face of the adversity brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, Ninfa Sánchez González and Argelina Ontiveros Sánchez, owners of the Agustín Gusto establishment, decided to develop their own products, among which a unique 2019 vintage Cabernet Sauvignon wine stands out, which can be enjoyed by diners.

Following an extensive tradition within the tourism and gastronomic sector, in 2018 the Ontiveros Sánchez family opened the doors of Agustín Gusto in the Center of Valladolid. Thus, what began as a dream has become a reality, hand in hand with hard work, talent and the culture of effort.

The presentation of the wine bearing the Agustín Gusto brand to the public took place on Saturday, October 16 at the restaurant’s facilities, along with the invitation to accompany the beverage with food of varied tastes, since it is a flexible wine due to its characteristics and elaboration process.

“Today we present our pride, because this is the first wine of a Valladolid brand. I am sure that with a good pairing you will enjoy it very much and the intention is that you truly live a unique experience in a pleasant environment,” said Argelina Ontiveros Sánchez.

The creation of the flagship wine represents the adventurous spirit and the air of mystery that surrounds the concept of the regional and Mexican food restaurant.

Seeking the highest quality and the best flavor, the stock obtained for the production of the wine was brought from Santo Tomás, a vineyard area in Baja California. However, the brand and bottling are of Yucatecan origin.

Recently, Agustín Gusto joined the initiative of a group of food and beverage businessmen to form the Restaurant Association of Valladolid, ARVAY A.C., with the purpose of promoting the development of tourism in the municipality and contributing to the responsible economic reactivation.

The tourism and gastronomic businesses of the Pearl of the Orient urge Yucatecans and foreigners to visit Valladolid to live the experience of visiting this magical town and discover why it is one of the most visited places by national and foreign tourists alike.

Source: SIPSE

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