1 tourist dead 10 injured on Tequila tour in Jalisco


An accident in Jalisco left one person dead and 10 more injured after a Van-type passenger vehicle crashed into a trailer.

The events took place on the Los Altos Highway, in the municipality of Zapotlanejo and, according to the authorities, the tourist van was transporting tourists from Mexico City to the magical town of Tequila. 

Accidente en Jalisco: Turistas iban a conocer pueblo mágico. (Foto: Protección Civil Jalisco).

The van, which was carrying 12 people, crashed into the rear of the loading platform that was parked on the shoulder.

Accident in Jalisco: Van driver flees 

Moments after the accident, the van driver fled the scene on foot

Civil Protection elements went to the area of ​​the incident where they treated the 10 people who were already outside the Van that was destroyed and took the body of the person who died, the victim was traveling as a co-pilot. 

Eight of the 10 people who were injured were treated at the scene and their transfer to a hospital was not necessary because they suffered minor injuries.

The other two injured,  a 23-year-old woman and a 29-year-old man, were taken to a private hospital.

The driver of the trailer that was parked remained in place for the delineation of responsibilities. 

We attend the crash report on the Zapotlanejo-Gdl highway of a van-type truck that hits the back of a trailer, the balance is 10 people injured and one more deceased, all of the private vehicle, ”he wrote on Twitter, Protection Civil of Jalisco. 

Source: noticieros.televisa.com, am.com.mx

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